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Your Farmhouse Christmas Home Will Be Complete With This Easy Rae Dunn Ornament DIY!

Love Rae Dunn everything?! 🙋
If you’re a fan of this popular farmhouse brand of white mugs, bowls, & canisters with tall, minimalist skinny writing on the front, then how about making some DIY Christmas ornaments for your tree?! 🎄

With my easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll have a Rae Dunn tree decked out for the holidays, an easy gift idea, or a beautiful decoration to use when wrapping gifts!

To get this trendy Rae Dunn look onto your ornaments, I’m going to share a super simple process on how to cut and apply black vinyl to store-bought solid white ornaments!

It’s such a fun project and you’ll love the end result you can display year after year! Plus, if your kiddos love to get crafty with you, there are some rewarding steps they’ll even enjoy helping with too!

Best of all, you can customize your Rae Dunn ornaments however you want by changing up the wording to your favorite meaningful holiday words. Santa’s reindeer names would be fun, too! Regardless, they’ll look fantastic on your tree.

This festive idea isn’t limited to just Christmas ornaments – in fact, the options are endless! You can cut lettering like this to embellish plain white pitchers, mugs, canisters, pottery, etc. I even used it in my pantry to organize my dry goods!

You can find cheap white mugs and other dishes at the dollar store to make this an affordable gift idea!

To make your Rae Dunn ornament craft even easier, I’ve linked to all the supplies I used so you’ll know just how to get started if you’re in need of some new craft supplies. 😊

A quick word of advice before starting your ornaments:
Don’t use transfer tape for this project. I first tried this approach and it was too thick to bend with the ball-shaped ornament well. Instead, use Glad Press’n Seal! I had great luck with this material since it’s really thin and stretchy, so it made it easy to apply the vinyl to the round ornaments without bubbling.

Rae Dunn Christmas Ornaments




Download the free font from called “The Skinny”.


Open Cricut Design Space and type out Christmas related words using ‘The Skinny” font. Size words to about 1.5 inches.


Cut words using black vinyl and weed out the excess vinyl. Cut decals into individual words.


Use the Glad Press’n Seal to transfer vinyl to the ornament. To transfer, place the sticky part of Press’n Seal over the vinyl word. Use a rubbing tool or credit card over the word. Then lift the Press and Seal off the paper and now your word will be lifted off the paper backing. Place the word onto the center of the ornament. Always press the middle of the word first, then work outwards.


Finally, lift the Press’n Seal off. After the first few, you’ll be an expert!


Add Christmas ribbon if desired and hang your ornaments!

Don’t have a vinyl cutting machine?
If you really love these Rae Dunn-inspired ornaments but have no machine to get the job done, you can scoop up some solid white ornaments and use a thin sharpie paint pen and hand draw lettering! With a steady hand, chances are they’ll come out just as fantastic.

Another option is to check out Etsy for Rae Dunn inspired decals to use on your ornaments. They could be a real time-saver if you don’t have a vinyl cutter of your own!

Or score one of these hot holiday deals on Cricut machines HERE!

I’m so obsessed with these Rae Dunn Christmas ornaments! 🎄
They are so fun to make and they look great on any Christmas tree! I also think a set of these ornaments would make a beautiful DIY gift idea as well!

If you end up making these for yourself or a friend, make sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can see your Hip2Save DIY. 😍

I also made this reversible Christmas sign that will go perfectly with your farmhouse style.