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I’ve Loved Article’s Furniture for Years, & I Have a New Favorite Piece!

My go-to furniture and decor site has yet to let me down! 🙌
If you’re searching for home decor and/or furniture pieces to complete your space, you’ve gotta check out Article! I’ve been shopping on this site for a few years now, and I’ve loved all of my purchases.

To be quite honest, I’ve purchased so many Article furniture pieces in the last couple of years. In fact, I staged a whole house that we flipped last year and the majority of the furniture came from Article (as pictured above). 😍 I was so excited as the person who purchased this home also ended up purchasing quite a few of the article furniture pieces too! 🙌

If you’re interested, I’m planning to share more of my home renovation adventures over on Instagram. I recently shared before and after pics of our most recent renovation on Instagram, which is the house we are currently living in. We are planning to sell this in the late spring (hopefully!) and will then be moving into the house we have been renovating since 2018 when we first moved to Reno, NV. 😬


Quick note, I sent Article an email about wanting to work with them and share my love of their furniture with all of you. They did get back to us and offered to send me a free piece of furniture! Super nice of them, but just know that other than the free piece of furniture, they are not paying for this post. I just want to be upfront about all of that.

OK, so back to my love for Article’s furniture…

They have such clean designs and a unique mid-century modern flair – I seriously just love everything! Better yet, their entire selection is available exclusively online which makes shopping from home incredibly simple. 🙌

If you’re anything like me and don’t necessarily feel like you have a designer’s eye, I like that you can totally copy the looks pictured on their site. This helped me a ton when I was staging a prior home flip. I also really like that they allow customers to leave reviews and personal pics – unlike Pottery Barn and West Elm. This is so helpful before making a big furniture purchase.

I’ve been accumulating so many amazing Article pieces I thought it was about time I tell you guys what they’re all about! They offer such great pieces, have wonderful customer service, and every single piece I’ve bought is high-quality and designed to last – starting with my current living room!

From my tufted couch to the sleek modern coffee table and the perfect rocking chair accent piece, I absolutely love this whole space!

I’m also a big fan of how well all of their furniture pieces coordinate together! It makes me feel like I have a professionally curated room without having to hire an interior designer.
Article furniture is taking over my dining room, too. 😆

Article was the first place I looked when I was shopping for a new table since their selection is more reasonable compared to higher-end brands like West Elm and CB2 that offer the same styles but are priced way more. 

I found this beautiful solid oak table with the perfect chairs to match (here are the side chairs and end chairs I went with!).
So what’s the furniture piece Article sent me for free? The Caliper Shelf, which accompanies my space so perfectly! 😍
(Keep in mind that all of the other furniture pieces in my house were purchased by me!)

Let me first start by saying if my husband put this shelf together, then anyone can do it! LOL! It really stuck out to me because it’s such a unique piece of furniture and has a fun design to display some of my favorite decor pieces.

The quality is totally awesome too (no surprise there), and I really enjoyed decorating it with some of my favorite plants, precious family photos, and books. It’s just a really solid and nice piece that even our friends and family have noticed already. It’s gotten more compliments than any other decor piece in this space!

This showstopping piece is designed as an A-shaped frame made of solid wood and ends with perfectly positioned legs. It’s definitely an eye-catching shelf!
Here’s how you can scoop up this gorgeous Caliper shelf for yourself:

Article Caliper Shelf – Retail $650
You pay just $499!

Unlike a lot of other furniture companies, I also love that any of Article’s in-stock items ship super fast! You can actually check the estimated times on each product page. For example, the coffee table I have could be in your home in only a matter of days!

Article ships almost anywhere in the USA and Canada for a flat-rate of just $49, no matter how much you order. Or you’ll get free shipping if you’re splurging on items that add up to over $999.
As I mentioned before, Article has incredible customer service, too!

About a year ago, I had purchased a couch from Article only for it to start piling a few months later. Come to find out, this was totally normal for the fabric and actually a very simple fix!

Regardless, their associate, Kim, helped me out by offering a refund of $50 to pay for a handy fabric shaver to make my couch look new again! Their thoughtful reimbursement more than covered the cost and the process was so smooth!

I’m totally an Article fan for life (if it wasn’t already obvious enough by the looks of my entire home 🤣).