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Got Kids? You NEED These Stackable Storage Containers | Grab Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter & More

Simplify on-the-go snacking with these storage containers from Amazon!
Mom or not, everyone needs snacks on hand when they’re out and about. Whether you’re packing your kiddos lunchbox or running errands, these Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars are the perfect stackable containers to stash your snack portions.

These highly-rated Blender Bottle containers have been used to store so many different things and you can count on them keeping your food nice and fresh.

Plus, their Whiskware by Blender Bottle line has some adorable character jars that your kiddos are sure to love!

Check out some of the fun styles we spotted and then read on to see we LOVE these containers so much…

Whiskware Star Wars Stackable Snack Pack
As low as $12.99!

Whiskware Harry Potter Stackable Snack Packs
As low as $11.94!

Whiskware Marvel Stackable Snack Packs
As low as $12.11!

Whiskware Frozen Stackable Snack Packs
As low as $12.17!

Whiskware Disney Princess Stackable Snack Packs
As low as $12.73!

Whiskware Justice League Stackable Snack Packs
As low as $12.66!

Whiskware Stackable Snack Pack Solid Colors
As low as $10.86!

BlenderBottle GoStak Food Storage Containers
As low as $12.50!

Here’s why we love these stackable containers:

They keep your snacks from getting smooshed.
Ziploc bags are great for so many things, but will they protect your crackers from getting smashed and turning into a crumbly mess? Not so much. Thanks to these stackable storage containers, all of your snacks will stay intact so you can enjoy a few bites instead of a bunch of crumbs. Hooray! Plus you can reuse them again and again – making less waste! 

“I love this container! I use it to bring snacks with me to classes and work and it keeps them from getting smooshed in my backpack. It’s also just really cute and fun to twist and stack.”

The space-saving design makes them ideal for traveling.
Got a flight to catch or a long drive ahead of you? You won’t want to leave the house without your handy dandy stackable storage containers. Throw some celery in one jar and some peanut butter in another and you’re all set!

These containers are also a diaper bag’s best friend as they’re ideal for storing baby food, cheerios, goldfish, and other snacks without taking up a ton of room thanks to their clever design. Even the airport TSA loves them since they’re clear and easy to see inside!

“My husband and I use these every day! We both travel a lot for work and they work great when going through TSA airport security. We use them for protein, pre-workout, post-workout, and vitamins. Absolutely perfect size for each.”

You can fill your stackable storage containers with practically anything.
From vitamins and supplements to fruits, veggies, and trail mix, there isn’t much that you can’t keep tucked away in your twist n’ lock storage jars.

Some use them to take pre-and post-workout powders on-the-go and some even use them to store their jewelry and craft supplies. These containers really can hold it all!

“This is one of the most used lunch/snack items I have in my kitchen. I love the different sizes for a variety of items. Each section can be used alone, or stacked with each other, making it even more versatile.”

They’re the perfect salad kit companion.
Dressing, croutons, shredded cheese, cucumbers, chicken… If you throw all of your salad ingredients into the same container, you’re in for a not-so-tasty meal come lunchtime. But with your stackable storage containers, you can keep everything nice and tidy in its own compartment so nothing gets soggy or gross.

Since the plastic storage jars easily stack right on top of each other, they won’t take up nearly as much room in your purse or lunchbox as other containers do.

“Love this thing for my salads!!! I can put all my extras in the compartments and throw them in when I’m ready! It’s totally awesome!”

They’re eco-friendly and totally affordable.
I love that my reusable jars help me cut back on plastic waste. When I think about how many Ziploc bags my household goes through on a monthly basis, it makes me cringe a little bit, but these nifty jars are solving that problem one less sandwich bag at a time.

Even at full price of $12.99, these smart Blender Bottle containers are worth every penny and with all the money you’ll save on other disposable containers and bags, they practically pay for themselves! 😍

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