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ColdSnap Makes Keurig-Style Ice Cream in Under 2 Minutes!

Where has this appliance been all my life? 🍦😋
One of the most exciting new products to debut at this year’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show is a new kitchen appliance called ColdSnap. This rapid freezing appliance makes single servings of soft-serve ice cream using pods, similar to the way that a Keurig machine makes coffee.

ColdSnap uses shelf-stable, room-temperature pods to make various flavors of ice cream. Just pop in a pod, and the ColdSnap will freeze, churn, and dispense your soft serve in less than 120 seconds. There’s no prep required and no cleanup of the machine is necessary!

The company is also working on pods for frozen yogurt, non-dairy ice cream, smoothies, protein shakes, frozen coffee, and frozen cocktails like mudslides and daiquiris. The ColdSnap will read a QR code on top of each pod’s label to find the specific freezing temperature required for the product inside.

As if having all of these frozen treats right at your fingertips isn’t enough, one of the other selling points of the ColdSnap is that it’s better for the environment than ready-made ice cream, which needs to be shipped frozen in specialized trucks. And unlike Keurig pods, ColdSnap’s pods are nothing more than aluminum cans, which can easily be recycled.

ColdSnap is still in the prototype stage with plans to launch in select locations in the second quarter of 2021. While it was originally intended for commercial spaces like office break rooms and student unions, the company shifted its focus to individual consumers when COVID-19 hit.

As you might imagine, this miraculous rapid-fire soft-serve machine will cost you a pretty penny. ColdSnaps are scheduled to begin shipping directly to consumers by early 2022 at an initial cost of $1,000 each. The company is hoping to eventually bring down the cost to about $500 by swapping some of the stainless steel parts for plastic. The pods will cost $2.99 each when they launch.

While it may be at least a year before ColdSnap starts arriving in homes, that should give us plenty of time to make room on the kitchen counter for this life-changing appliance. Who needs a toaster when there’s a gadget that will keep us within two minutes of soft-serve at all times?! 😉

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