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You’re Going to Fall Head Over Heels for This Starbucks Love Bug Secret Menu Drink!

Show Starbucks some love this V-day.
You’re about to be bit by the love bug! But not just any love bug… we’re sharing exactly how to order the Starbucks Love Bug Frappuccino to leave your cup of love overflowing!

In fact, when the big love fest arrives, you’ll want to ditch the box of chocolates all together and surprise your other half with this drink instead!

While we certainly don’t need a holiday to enjoy a delicious Starbucks secret menu drink, it sure is a great excuse to spoil yourself with something tasty that’ll leave you with a sweet smile on your face. Plus, who wouldn’t want the perfect recipe for falling head over heels in love with Valentine’s Day?! 😉

Thanks to Totally the Bomb, we’re bringing you an all-new secret menu drink perfect for Valentine’s Day, so whether you’re looking to spoil yourself or someone you love, this Love Bug Frappuccino will be the way to your (or their) heart.

Here’s what’s in this delicious Starbucks Love Bug Frappuccino: 

Strawberry Creme Frappuccino
Raspberry Syrup
Frappuccino Chips
Mocha Drizzle
Cookie Crumble

…Mmmmmmm!!! 🤤😋

Here’s how you can order one for yourself:
“Hi! Can I please have a Grande Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino with one pump of Raspberry Syrup & a scoop of Frappuccino Chips, blended, and add mocha drizzle and cookie crumble on top? Thank you!” 

If you can live without the cookie crumbles, this drink can even be ordered on mobile!

Here’s how you can order this drink (without cookies crumbles) in your Starbucks app:

Choose a “Strawberry Creme Frappuccino” (it will default to Grande) 
Then click “Blended Options”
Add 1 “Frappuccino Chips”
Then click “Flavors”
Add 1 pump “Raspberry Syrup”
Then click “Toppings”
Add regular “Mocha Drizzle”
Add regular “Chocolate Curls Topping” (optional – in place of Cookie Crumbles)

Order and enjoy!

When ordering the love bug frappuccino in different sizes, make sure to include the necessary adjustments for your secret menu syrup & frappuccino chip add-ins. The rest will be automatically adjusted by your barista.

Also, keep in mind, if you’re on your mobile app, you’ll only be able to order a size Grande or Venti since half pumps cannot be added to a drink to accommodate a Tall size.
Here is our recommended adjustment for your Love Bug Frappuccino:


Change the blended Frappuccino Chips to 2
Change Raspberry Syrup to 2 pumps

Here’s what Stetson had to say about his secret menu drink:

“I thought this secret menu drink was the perfect mix of cookies & creme blended with the ideal amount of sweet berries and tasty raspberries. If you love some chocolate truffles, I think you’re going to totally love this drink. It wasn’t overly sweet, rather it was just right with a nice crunch texture from the cookie crumbles. If you have a choice, I would totally opt to pick this up in the store so you can enjoy those cookie crumbles because this is the season to totally treat yourself.”

Cheers, friends!

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