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Turn an Oatmeal Container Into a Starbucks Frappuccino Valentine’s Day Box

Recycle an oatmeal container into an easy Starbucks-inspired Valentine’s Day box as a cute kid’s craft idea.

 Any Starbucks fan will love this Valentine’s Day DIY project!
Transform an empty oatmeal container into a fun frappucino-looking Valentine’s Day box or container. This fun craft will result in an ADORABLE container that you can use for Valentine’s Day or even keep year-round as a unique storage container!

My daughter and I made this Starbucks-inspired container a couple of years ago together for her to keep classroom Valentines in. I personally love that we were able to recycle trash, and didn’t even spend anything on it as this was done using supplies on hand at home!

It’s the perfect Valentine’s treats and cards in class this year!
We think this is a fun and frugal project to share for creative inspiration. I think this could make such a wonderful teacher appreciation gift when filled with school supplies and more.

DIY Oatmeal Container Starbucks Frappuccino Valentine's Day Box




Apply spray paint to the outside of the empty oatmeal container including the lid. Let it dry completely.


Squeeze construction caulking into the pastry bag with a tip and pipe it onto the top of the lid to look like frosting in a swirl shape. Cut the straw in half, and carefully stick it in the caulking. Add sprinkles to the top and let that dry completely.


Print out a Starbucks logo on paper, cut it out using scissors, and tape or glue it to the oatmeal container around the middle.


Lastly, use a black sharpie marker to make coffee cup markings on the side of the container similar to a real cup from Starbucks. I looked at a cup and made boxes that were similar for inspiration.

Tips for creating the best DIY Starbucks Frappuccino Valentine’s holder:

If you don’t have an empty oatmeal container, look around the house for another similar tall tube-shaped bucket or container instead. A wider cardboard shipping tube might work as well.

The “frosting” material for this project is actually all-purchase caulk I had on hand in the garage! It looks pretty realistic, doesn’t it? I have also seen similar projects using a bit of insulating foam. If making this with a young child, you’ll want to make sure they don’t try to taste the “frosting”! 😳

I loved using one of these handy all-in-one disposable pastry piping bags with a tip for this project because you can toss it afterward. I’m sure you could possibly use a reusable metal tip instead if you clean it right away before it dries.

My Starbucks fan was super thrilled with her Valentine’s Day box!
I love that this was simple and easy! I know this because we waited until the last second to make it. LOL 😆 We made this for my daughter’s last year in elementary school so it was her last Valentine’s Day at that school to make these adorable boxes. I’m glad we were able to make it a special one. ❤️

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