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This Reader’s Idea will Save You a HOLE Lot of Money on Kids Jeans

Tired of feeling ripped off by kids jeans?
If you have kids then you know buying them jeans can be quite the rat race! You buy and buy and they continue to get holes in them, especially on the knee area. It feels like a neverending money pit – just writing this is triggering me as I have been in the holey pants battle with my daughter for years! 🤪

So when I read this week’s Happy Friday readers story, my mind was blown! She thought up a simple and frugal way to keep your child from getting those pesky holes in the knees and save you BEAUCOUP bucks!

As a momma of four, I have bought my fair share of jeans for the kids. I really like Old Navy jeans because they regularly go on sale (Hip2Save helps me get them for around $8!). The problem is my kids can wear their jeans for about 2.3 seconds before they get holes in the knees.

Until I found the solution!🙌

I put iron-on patches on the INSIDES of our new jeans. This reinforces the knees to help keep the holes away! You can’t tell there are patches in the jeans from the outside and this way my kids don’t look like their jeans are from the depression era. My kiddos look well put together and I get to save money! Win, win!

Thank you, Jessica, for solving a problem that all of us parents have endured and will appreciate! I wish I had thought of this idea hundreds of pairs of jeans ago but am so glad to use this tip from here on out. I will now be officially OUT of the constant pants buying racket!
We have an entire page dedicated to saving you $$ on kids clothing!


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