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Trader Joe’s Floral Department is in Full Bloom | Succulents From $3 & More

Happy deals are sprouting at Trader Joe’s! 🌼🌷🌻
With the entire country (except Florida and Hawaii) covered in ice and snow, we can’t help but dream of those first flowers popping up through the soil – aaahhhhh, springtime! And Trader Joe’s knows us oh-so well. They’ve packed their floral department with green plants, blooming plants, and the fragrance of fresh-cut flowers!

TJ’s is overflowing with trendy succulents in every size, fresh bouquets of the brightest colors, and houseplants for every window. If your green thumb is calling or you’d just like to surprise mom with something that feels delightfully like spring, follow your nose to Trader Joe’s!
We found a bunch of deals that will make you smile…

Potted Succulents – From $2.99!
Daffodils – Only $1.79!
Chamomile – Only $3.99!
Orchids – From $8.99!
Large Succulents – From $4.99!
Pussy Willow – Only $4.99!
Fresh Cut Bouquets – From $9.99!

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