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There are Friends and Then There are Friends Who Become Family.

A true lifelong friend is one who brightens your day, makes your smiles bigger, and is by your side through the good, the bad, and the ugly (cough cough, the Ex-Lax chocolate debacle😲😆).

Side note, this is not a typical Happy Friday post where we feature awesome reader pics with great tips and ideas! Today I wanted to do something different and celebrate friendship… and a new baby! 👶❤️

I first met my dearest friend and Hip sidekick, Erica over 10 years ago when both of our hubbies were in the Marine Corps. She started out babysitting my kids who were little at the time. I had my hands full, and was trying to juggle a business that I didn’t really even know was a business at the time (Hip2Save!) and family life, and let’s just say I really needed some help! Enter sweet Erica… 🥰

Although we hired her to help out with the kids, she quickly became a big part of our family, and looking back, it seems like our strong friendship grew almost overnight.

Isn’t it so amazing when you meet someone and immediately feel that sister friendship bond?!

When Hip2Save really started to take off years & years ago, Erica actually became part of our Hip team and has been by my side ever since – and I seriously don’t know what I would do without this goofy, energetic, and loyal friend in my life!

We ate Ex-Lax chocolate together and it was not a pretty situation. 💩
We’ve made so many amazing memories and I still get a good laugh out of all of the hilarious selfies and silly pictures we’ve taken together over the years. And I’ll NEVER forget the Ex-Lax and socks incident (by the way, if you need a good laugh, go read the full story over here- well, if you’re ok with poop talk)! 💩🤣

We’ve been couponing buddies since the beginning, but our friendship goes way beyond bargain-hunting and chit-chat. Erica is my soul sister. ❤️

She’s not just a dear friend to me, she’s been such a big part of my kid’s lives and loves them like they’re her own. It’s not every day you find someone so special who makes such an impact on you and your family, and I’m so so thankful for this incredible woman.

I’m also extremely excited for her right now, as she is about to welcome her third child into the world! I am filled with love, joy, and all kinds of other emotions right now as she prepares to meet her new little one, so I wanted to take this time to give her a shoutout and send all the happy vibes her way!

When Erica had her first child seven years ago, she sent me the cutest video of her dancing with her big belly, and as tradition goes, she surprised me with another one this week and I’ve gotta say, this mama has still got moves! 🤣💃

Go see for yourself on my Instagram stories!

Anyways, friends like these don’t come around very often so if you have an Erica in your life, make sure you let them know how much they mean to you. Life’s too short to not let the people we love dearly know how important they are to us! 🤗

Erica, you are one in a million and I’m so lucky to call you my friend AND work with you every day. Me and the rest of the Hip team are thinking about you and sending you and your bundle of joy all the love and support! 💕
UPDATE: Her sweet baby boy arrived! ❤️


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