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This Countertop Ice Maker Makes 40 Pounds of Ice Cubes A Day!

Need ice for all your cold drinks?
If you don’t have an ice maker in your freezer or one that can keep up with the demand for cold ice in your house, consider investing in a portable countertop ice maker to easily make a bunch of ice for all your iced drinks and chilling needs. This is especially helpful for holidays or parties where you would need extra ice for drinks when entertaining.

I love that there’s no need to purchase extra bags of ice when you can make your own easily at home!

This countertop ice maker can create 40 pounds of ice a day!
I recently tried the Euhomy portable ice maker that conveniently fits on the counter and I’m super impressed with how easy it was to set up. Plus, it makes cold ice all day like a champ!

The cubes are perfect medium size square-shaped ice, and the machine comes with a scoop and removable tray that fits inside.

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Using the Euhomy ice maker is super easy right off the bat!
All you do is plug in the machine, fill the tank with drinkable water, and turn the machine on! It starts making delicious ice right away. I use the filtered water from my fridge, but of course, any filtered water or bottled water would work great. You can actually also adjust the thickness of the ice cubes according to your needs too!

When there is not enough water in the water tank, the indicator on the digital display will light up, reminding you to add more water. Or when the ice bucket is full, you will be notified to remove the extra ice cubes in order to make more ice.

Here are a few of the reasons I LOVE the Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker:

It makes 40 pounds of ice per day and produces 24 ice cubes every 15 minutes – that’s a lot of ice!

There is very little noise when it’s making ice, and the process is super quiet.

The ice cubes produced taste great! There is no funny taste or anything like that. As a reminder though, I used the filtered water from my fridge to fill the tank.

The 2.2 water tank keeps recycling any melted water, ensuring that no water is wasted in the freezing process.

When the ice basket is full, the Euhomy ice maker will stop making additional ice to prevent the bin from overflowing.

This countertop kitchen appliance will make sure you have an endless supply of ice at home, or anywhere on the go!
This machine is portable and can be taken to family gatherings and can be stored in the kitchen, pantry, bar, or anywhere in the home. You could even take it camping if you’ll be near a power supply!

My husband is actually planning to use this ice maker in his office during the hot months to keep the cold drinks flowing. 🧊

I love how easy the Euhomy ice maker is to use, and it makes an impressive amount of ice. If you have the budget and room for a countertop ice maker, this is definitely one to consider!