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Fashion Forward Face Masks That Are Sure to Turn Heads – Selling Out Fast!

Mask up!
If you have to wear a face mask, you might as well go all out right?! If you’re a prankster who loves to give people a good laugh, you’re likely going to love these totally weird and kind of gross face masks!

We may have played a lot of April Fools pranks so far this year, but this is one novelty product that’s here to stay. That’s right, they’re totally real and available for ordering RIGHT NOW, friends! 🙌😆

This means you don’t have to daydream about getting your hands on these goofy masks. You can actually join in on the fun with Stetson.

These incredibly gross, scary, & funny face masks are available on Amazon!

Lucky for you, there’s not just one gross & weird style! There are many to choose from so you can score a mask for every day of the week:

Scary Clown (totally creepy!) 
Hillbilly Missing Teeth (goofy!)
Funny Granny (may offend your real grandma)
Runny Nose (gag!!)
Mask Half-Down Face (men)
Mask Half-Down Face (women)
Funny Teeth (hopefully your real teeth look better than these)
Cat Fangs (cat ladies beware)

Some styles are under $5 while the full-price ones have a clippable 5% off coupon!

Scary Clown & Cat Fangs Only $4.90

Hillbilly Missing Teeth, Funny Granny, Runny Nose, Funny Teeth as low as $11.50
Clip the extra 5% off coupon
Final cost as low as $10.92

Mask Half-Down Face for Men & Mask Half-Down Face for Women Only $11.50

Shipping is free for Prime members or on orders over $25!

In all seriousness though, these masks claim to be “environmentally-friendly”, have soft, breathable fabric, adjustable elastic ear loops, and even an m-shaped nose clip for the perfect fit. To top it off, they have a replaceable filter pocket and are also waterproof so if anyone comes near you sneezing, their germs don’t stand a chance. 🙌
Could a face mask get any better than this?! We don’t think so. 😏

Full Disclaimer:

While you may love making people laugh, these face masks might actually have people running in the other direction, so fair warning! 🤣 In fact, we’re pretty sure if you’re wearing this mask in the store, you’ll have people’s heads turning which may not be a good thing if you’re looking to land a hot date like Stetson?! 😉