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The Winners of Our April Fools Giveaways are…

Congrats to all the lucky winners who entered our various April Fools Day giveaways! 🎉
We had so much fun last week sharing all our April Fool’s pranks with ya, but even more importantly we’re so excited for all the winners of our Amazon giveaways! Even more exciting, all winners have already been contacted via email. So go check that inbox folks or keep reading below to find out who the lucky winners are.

*Please note that we’ll be emailing winners throughout the day today! However, if you notice a similar email and name listed, but don’t receive an email from us by tomorrow, then you’re likely not one of the selected winners. The great news is we have more giveaways to come! 

And the winners are…

$5 Amazon Gift Card (15 winners)…

Brianna M. – bm**
Phill – phi****
Charles B. uncl*****
Lisa R. – bzl***
Kelley B. – jit****
Amy F. – amykf****
Dede C. – de**
Robin O. – o*****
Lauren A. – ale*****
Carmen W. – carmen*****
Angela F. – acros****
Nancy L. – per****
Renee B. – rene****
Lisa G. – lisaa*****
Eram N. – pk**** 

$10 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)

SiSi H. – sis*****
Ruby K. – Sm*****
John K. – jko*****
Vicky G. – victori****
Tuesday C. – mis*****
Precious O. – my******
Amy D. – chri******
Barbara F. – barb******
Nica A. – mrs*****
Pam B. – pamwb*****  

$15 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)

Nicole E. – nicol****
Sheila V. – Sher****
Angie N. – angie****
Julie B. – julie****
Geraldine L. – gl****
Randy M. – rb****
Silvy G. – kind***
Dan G. – gla****
Kimberly K. – cle*****
Britta G. – aem*******

$20 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)

Martha H. – martha*****
Chaqúa W. – ChaquaW*******
Sarah M. – sarah*****
Jennifer D. – jm****
Nancy L. – li*****
Stephanie D. – s****
Vinny G. – vin****
Marty B. – mart****
Yil A. – ya******
Helen M. – helenm*****  

$25 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)

Trixie C. – trixi*****
JayCee F. – jc*****
Cheri L. – pip****
Pao S. – Paola******
Karen M. – mis***  
Becky A. – becky*****
Dayna G. – bon*******
Macey B. – macey*****
Missy B. – missy****
Christy W. – christy*****

$30 Amazon Gift Card (3 winners)

Crystal B. – crystal*****
An K. – kan*****
Ashley W. – ashleywo*****  

$40 Amazon Gift Card (3 winners)

Malika D. – Malika*****
Brittany H. – brittany******
Kaija K. – cra****** 

$50 Amazon Gift Card (3 winners)

Jennifer D. – jenn*****
Carlene M. – mo***
Stuart H. – smha*****  

$75 Amazon Gift Card (3 winners)

Myra B. – myra*****
Meredith B. – m*****
Stephanie B. – eto****  

$100 Amazon Gift Card (2 winners)

Patty R. – mr*****
Saren W. – ma*****

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