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Treat Your Loved Ones This Year to a Luxury Weighted Blanket… It’s Worth Every Cent!

This weighted blanket is the perfect gift!

Bearaby is the weighted blanket decor lovers dream of. 😍
I recently became hooked on my Bearaby weighted blanket after graciously receiving one as a gift. It got me thinking of what a great gift this would be for the holidays. If you’re swooning over the weighted blanket and chunky knit throw trend, you’re not going to want to miss this super special home decor dream!

Let me just preface this post by saying it isn’t about a budget-friendly journey. Instead, I’m here to tell you why you should consider this decor piece as your next luxury splurge, or even a generous gift.

I had been eyeing weighted blankets since they rose in popularity a few years ago. After finally slipping myself under one recently, I knew it was finally time to pull the trigger! I’ll be honest, I never even heard of Bearaby until a few months ago. Luckily for me, I was gifted one of these gorgeous blankets by a very generous soul – I’m very lucky, I know. 😍
So, what makes Bearaby different from other weighted blankets?

With just one look, it’s pretty clear why I consider this a luxe weighted blanket – it’s a stunning decor piece all on its own! The chunky knit style is that of gorgeous, thicker yarn knitted throws, which can cost upwards of a few hundred bucks. 😱

Except, this lovely blanket comes with the added weighted comfort that so many people love to cozy up with! 👏 Better yet, the knitted design is actually functional too and provides weight without all the excess heat (which is great for hot sleepers like me)!

It also can be used in the summer when you want stress-relieving comfort without being fully covered and is said to be an all-season winner in everyone’s book! Additionally, the loose knitting allows it to stretch out in different directions to adapt to all shapes for optimum coziness. 🙌

Here are even more benefits & lovely features of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket:

Made of organic cotton
Hand-knit with love
Soft, breathable fabric
Evenly weighted for deep, natural sleep
Perfect for all seasons
No fillers
Machine washable — note, I’ve washed mine without issue thanks to this handy Bearaby washing guide!

I also appreciate the quiz on their site to determine the appropriate weight to buy. As you already know, this was a gift, and my recipient took the liberty of filling it out for me, but I would have definitely done so if purchasing for myself!

In either case, it’s only a few questions that stand between you and the ideal blanket weight for either yourself or a lucky Bearaby giftee.

I’m really trying to find a caveat with this blanket (aside from it obviously being a spendier buy) but can’t think of any! I really LOVE this blanket so much right down to the beautiful Asteroid Grey color I was gifted!

With their selection and neutral & bold colors available, I’m confident there’s a hue to match any color scheme in your home too.
So onto the price… 😬

Yes, this blanket starts at $199… EEEK! 😅
While I know it’s no laughing matter, I work for a frugal lifestyle site. Believe me, I get it and totally understand this product cost sounds very far-fetched for some. I’ve seen plenty of deals on weighted blankets, so I realize there are many more budget-friendly options out there too.


Considering I find this blanket’s design absolutely perfect, both for functionality and aesthetics, it earns major points to justify the cost. There also aren’t any dupes on the market that even compare. And hey, there are plenty of other splurges we all justify to ourselves so if you’re looking for a “treat yo-self” opportunity, why not consider one like Bearaby that you could use daily?

Plus, if I use it every day for a year, that’s JUST 69¢ per use! 😂

Yup, that’s how my brain works. 😆 And, yes ladies, you can tell your husbands you heard that from me! 🤣 LOL!

I’d like to also mention that this post is not sponsored. This is my true experience with Bearaby after being gifted one (and nope, it was not a gift from the company either) and I’m happy to spread the love I have for this luxe home decor item! 

Still unsure?

The Bearaby return policy is great, so if you’re truly in the market for this one-of-a-kind product (i.e. a weighted blanket AND a gorgeous chunky knit throw blanket), there’s no reason not to try it because of their incredible 30 Day Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Basically, if you’re not over the moon with your purchase and you haven’t already washed it, they’ll take it back. No questions asked! Pretty sweet, huh?! 😏

Scoop up a new Bearaby weighted blanket and let the waves of gratitude roll in!

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