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This Reader Fixed Her Zero Gravity Chair for Only $10 (Beats Buying a New One!)

We have an awesome DIY hack to chair with you!
If you haven’t tried out a Zero Gravity Chair yet, you’re missing out! If you’re not familiar, Zero Gravity Chairs are recliners designed to give you a weightless sensation and in turn, allowing you to experience a deeply relaxed state to release tension.😍

Hip reader, Diane has been using her Zero Gravity Chair outdoors for years and was not ready to purchase a new one when it broke (which can be pricey depending on the brand!)… so what is a gal to do? Check out her story on how she was able to take her broken chair and make it look as good as new for just $10!

I have fond memories of those old beat-up steel-framed lawn chairs from my childhood. You know the ones I’m talking about, metal frames with colorful strips woven across, you can’t even buy them anymore. They are scattered throughout all of our family photos. My mom would re-weave a few chairs each summer and I was disappointed when I bought my own home and couldn’t find any of these nostalgic chairs to re-weave!

Fast forward a few weeks ago when my beloved zero gravity chair went kaput after years of outdoor exposure. My devastation was short-lived though as I channeled my insanely frugal grandma who made clothing out of curtains (really)!

Did you know that for as little as $10 you can score a replacement bungee for the zero gravity chair? It took me about 10 minutes to restring without using any tools, just some creative intentional weaving through the holes and it looks brand new! I didn’t need to take advantage of the recently posted sale because I’m sitting in my slightly rusty but comfy zero gravity lawn chair recliner that I fixed MYSELF!

Thank you, Diane, for sharing your story with us! We just love it when our readers share ways to save money by fixing things themselves rather than going out and buying a brand new item, and I must say you did a fantastic job!🙌

If you’re looking to try this hack out yourself, we found these gravity chair replacement cords on Amazon for under $10!


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