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Is Your Older Child Still Wetting the Bed? You NEED to Read This.

Let’s talk about bed wetting.
Bed wetting is something many parents & kiddos are often too embarrassed to discuss, so I’m putting my family’s experience out there to help those of you who are struggling. ❤️ I’ve been there and know just how difficult it is.

Commonly referred to as enuresis, bed wetting can be a real struggle for both children and parents, and it can be so disheartening for everyone involved.

I first shared these personal struggles about 7 years ago when I was going through this with one of my kids. While it’s thankfully no longer an issue, I wanted to open the dialogue again to help any readers who may be struggling with bed wetting in their own household.

Bed wetting, while not uncommon for toddlers and children under 7, can still occur as children get older. In fact, 10% of 7-year olds and 5% of 10-year olds are still wetting the bed. Some common causes include genetics, difficulties waking up from sleep, stress, slow development to the central nervous system, hormonal factors, UTIs, abnormalities, or simply a small bladder.
I remember back to those difficult years when we thought we had tried everything. 😕

When my older child was struggling with bed wetting, my husband and I had tried all sorts of methods from limiting liquids at night to waking up our child throughout the night to use the bathroom with absolutely no success.

It was disheartening, frustrating, and very expensive.

We were spending tons of money on GoodNites BedTime Underwear (which most of the time were getting peed through anyway) and washing sheets literally every day. Plus, the heartbreak we had for our child dealing with this stressful & embarrassing situation was really difficult for all of us. 😞
It wasn’t until I tried the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm that we finally found success!

And no, this is not sponsored, I am just super passionate about this product and I’m confident it will help others struggling with the same thing.

I realize this product is on the pricier side, however, it truly works!
It wasn’t easy, and it definitely requires a commitment, but the bedwetting alarm was well worth the time and investment. Our child (well, adult child at this point!) has now been bed wetting-free for over 7 years!

This success allowed our son to confidently go to sleepovers with friends and summer camps. As a parent, it sure made my heart so happy for him! ❤️


Check out my throwback bed wetting alarm video (circa 2014) using the Malem Bedwetting Alarm & the incredible results we got from this little gadget!

So how does the Malem Bed Wetting Alarm work?

You simply clip the small device onto your kiddo’s underwear and it will alert them at the first sense of wetness so they know when to get up and use the bathroom.

Please do not get discouraged if the alarm doesn’t work on night one for your Child!

My child was and still is a SUPER deep sleeper and sadly the first night he slept right through the alarm. For a moment, I felt very discouraged that, yet again, we had tried something that wasn’t going to work. 😞
However, we came up with a better solution for night two.

As I mentioned above, this process might take some extra patience and commitment on your end, but it will absolutely be worth it! 🙌

So for night two, we used our old baby monitor (really any that work will do) and set it up in our son’s room and the other in our room. Then, to help keep his bed dry while we navigated through this process, we laid down some Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats. I specifically love these ones because they actually stick to the bed so when your kiddo moves around at night it will stay in place and keep their bed dry if any accidents do happen.

Now comes your shining moment, parents!
If your kiddo is unsuccessfully waking up from the bed wetting alarm on their own, you’ll be responsible for waking them up when you hear the alarm go off. I know, I know…this could be tiring and our first night I was up 3 different times (midnight, 3 AM, 5 AM, etc.) 😓. I’m not going to lie guys… it was HARD! Plus, making your half-asleep child go to the bathroom is a hurdle in and of itself, but with persistence, they’ll get there!

After they go to the bathroom, it’s key to make sure everything is dry from their underwear to the bed wetting alarm itself because it’s very sensitive so you want to make sure everything is ready to go when they lay back down.

After about 2 weeks, my child was used to getting himself up and going to the bathroom. Then 2 weeks after that of being consistently dry, he was able to ditch the bedwetting alarm altogether! 😱👏

Hip Tip: Be sure to have your child wear real underwear when going through this process so they can experience the wetness and become aware of the discomfort.

I’m so glad I gave the bedwetting alarm a shot and stayed consistent with it so my son could become bedwetting-free! It was seriously life-changing for all of us and he’s been thriving ever since!

Some of our readers have also shared their tremendous results with the same bedwetting alarm! These comments make me so happy.

“We purchased a bed wetting alarm when our son was about seven years old. It was well worth the money — it helped him go from wet every night to completely dry every night in the matter of a week! We have also lent it out several times to others whose kids were struggling with bed wetting – so it really has paid off since at least half a dozen kids have been nighttime trained from one alarm!” – Jennifer

“This alarm has made all the difference for my 10-year-old son. I was really hesitant to buy it because it was expensive, but I’m so glad I did — it took him one week of waking up to the alarm. Now we are 7 months out and he does not need to wear it anymore. Not one accident! I am in the process of using this on my 7-year-old daughter. She is doing great so far but thinking it may take a little longer than a week. Overall great product and very accurate!” – Tiffany

“THANK YOU for posting this video! My son is 8 years old and has struggled with bedwetting every night! I decided to invest in the same bed wetting alarm hoping it would work for us! It took only 10 days! He has been dry every morning! I just wish I purchased this sooner! It is worth the $100 for sure!” – Kristen

“I swear this post is the exact replica of our story. My son was still wetting the bed at 11 and I finally spent the money on this alarm and it ABSOLUTELY WORKED! I can’t explain “how”, but it did. He, too, was a very deep sleeper. We even took him to a urologist and considered medication (for a millisecond). So happy we went this route instead. Awesome post — so happy you’re sharing your story! 🙂” – Sherry

“The alarm worked for us when my daughter was about 7 or 8 years old. She had been dry overnight for years and then developed bed wetting. The alarm ‘cured’ her and she’s been dry for over a year.” – Jodi

“We started using the bedwetting alarm with my 8-year-old during Spring Break this past year. It took all summer long, but he was finally dry at night. When school started again, he relapsed, but it is not as bad as it had been. In fact, last night, he actually woke himself up when he started to pee and was able to get up and use the bathroom without getting his sheets wet. It is definitely the best $100 I have spent.” – Rebecca

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