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Pour Over Coffee is My Secret to Getting the Perfect Morning Brew!

Nothing motivates me in the morning like a fresh cup of coffee ☕️
I love coffee – like LOVEEEE coffee. I drink it from the moment I wake up until about 4 hours before I go to sleep. It just makes everything better. I don’t even finish my cup some of the time, I just get comfort knowing it’s there–especially since I discovered the magic that is pour over coffee.

One of the things I love about coffee is that I make a mean cup of it. I’m pretty picky about my brew so I haven’t used a traditional auto-drip coffee maker in years. I’ll admit, I get caught up in the latest brewing fads. I’ve gone from a French press, to a Melita cone, to now my beloved Chemex. 😅

I did SO much research about pour-over coffee when I first came across the Chemex. I loved the design of the glass carafe, the simple paper filter sheets for the top, and the wooden handle was so unique… but would it really produce coffee as great as it claimed? Well, let me be the thousandth person to say (since this is by no means a new product) that it makes an AMAZING cup of coffee.

You may be asking, “but Emily, isn’t this just you getting sucked into the hype of yet another fancy method of coffee brewing?”
I’ll be honest… I was actually ready to be underwhelmed by its capabilities. I mean, coffee is coffee, right? WRONG! I need you to trust me on this – as someone who drinks 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day, there IS a difference. Believe the hype. 🙌

How to make pour-over coffee:

Start by boiling water in a kettle, gooseneck style preferred but not necessary.
Grind coffee beans to a medium/fine grind (or buy already ground coffee), and add to a paper or reusable filter in the Chemex maker. Use 1 tablespoon for every 6 oz. of water.
Once water is finished boiling, slowly pour water over coffee grinds, just enough to saturate. Wait 1 minute.
Pour water over coffee grinds again in a slow, steady stream, completely filling the top of the Chemex maker, but not letting the water overflow.
Continue pouring water in as the coffee brews and filters into the lower portion of the Chemex maker until all water is used.
Serve and enjoy!

I’ve even learned a few awesome tips for getting the best brew possible and saving some extra $$:

For starters, pour-over coffee is stronger. So much so that after my first time using it, I wasn’t sure if I even liked the coffee it produced because it was that strong compared to the coffee I was used to. But after adjusting the number of scoops, I got the flavor just right, and now I use fewer grounds. That adds up to some major savings over time!

Not only does it use fewer grounds, but it also doesn’t require a special grind. All it takes is a medium grind, which is how most pre-ground coffee comes, so you’re not limited to what’s available as whole bean at the store. That means more flavors, more brands, more opportunities for it to be on sale—and more opportunities for you to save some cash! I will say though, most of the time I still buy whole bean and grind it fresh at home. What can I say, I have a strong coffee game. 😎

Be sure to use water that’s just under boiling. This one can make all the difference when it comes to the taste of pour-over coffee. 202-206 degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot—anything hotter might extract too much from the beans too early and leave your brew tasting a little more bitter than you’d like.

But my all-time favorite part of this brewer? It’s STUNNING!

It looks like an art piece in the kitchen! People are so blown away by this artistic brewing sculpture on my counter that it fools them into thinking my solid surface countertops are real quartz!!! Just kidding, it definitely doesn’t do that. 🤣 But seriously, the Chemex is so intriguing with the hourglass shape and the tied wooden handle that I love to showcase it at all times.

So pour-over coffee is seemingly perfect, right?
As much as I’d love to keep gushing about it, I’ll get to the part that some may think is a major downfall of this system – the process is a bit more labor-intensive than your standard coffee maker. It requires you to pour the hot water over very slowly, with multiple stops in between pours.

But to me, it’s a labor of love and I truly enjoy the process. It’s my zen moment in the morning where I’m not checking my phone (partially because I don’t have a free hand), and the scent when the first pour hits the grounds is pure nirvana.  ✨

Luckily, this fancy brew doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

I got my 8-cup Chemex when it was on sale for just under $23 (it was a HOT deal since it retails for around $49), the filters are around $10, and I bought an electric gooseneck kettle for around $39 (I bought my black one a while ago and unfortunately can’t find the exact link!).

A gooseneck kettle isn’t completely necessary, but this style is very helpful in the slow pouring process.

Pour-over coffee has become my go-to method of enjoying a cup of joe in the morning, but just be warned: once you try the Chemex coffee maker, you won’t be able to go back to regular drip!

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