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Get 30% OFF the No Monthly Fee Eufy Video Doorbell! (I LOVE Mine!)

Grab a deal on this no monthly fee video doorbell!

Shopping for a video doorbell is overwhelming.
Overwhelmed with all the video doorbells out there? I’m sharing my thoughts on the eufy doorbell (no monthly fee!) after using it for the last year!

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After a year of using my eufy Security video doorbell, I’m excited to share my experience which is sure to give you peace of mind, save you money in the long haul, and give you the clarity you’re looking for when shopping for a new doorbell. 🙌

Side note, this is NOT a sponsored post and I happily paid for this product out of my own pocket. I simply love this product and had to share it with anyone who’s curious about them. 🤗

I’ve always wanted a fancy video doorbell.
In fact, I’ve even written about two other popular brands (the Ring & Nest Doorbells – and listed all the pros and cons), but one thing I always told myself is I work from home every day. Therefore, I could never justify the upfront cost or the monthly fee that comes with them.

How silly of me to think that way! 🤦‍♀️

It wasn’t until our direct neighbors were getting an extensive amount of work done on their home by a notoriously bad group of guys that made me start to rethink my mindset. When I realized these workers would be camping out for weeks (which turned into months) on end and even late at night, it put a fire under my butt to gain more peace of mind.

So I reached out to my Hip sidekick, Emily, who I knew was also in the market. After extensive research, she knew the eufy doorbell was going to be her top pick.
The FREE storage is what ultimately sold me. 🙌 (and I trust Emily 😉)
When it comes to my family’s safety, all frugalness goes out the window. Therefore, I didn’t wait for a eufy Doorbell sale like you’re so very lucky to have (and ones like this DON’T come around frequently!).

Here’s the deal you can score on my doorbell right now:

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These are the features that drew me to the eufy doorbell:

2K WDR resolution – so we can see visitors very clearly.
NO MONTHLY FEES – and even stores video footage for up to 30 days!
Works with my phone – just simply download their app for iOS or Android.
Talkback feature – so you can take to guests remotely.
Connects to Wi-Fi – easy accessibility and setup.
Adjustable motion sensor – you pick the level of detection based on your needs and even choose motion detection on just humans or anything that moves.
Wide-angle lens – so you have a greater vision of your front door, yard, and head-to-toe visual of anyone approaching your home.
Comes with a mounting kit – it even includes an angle adapter so if you need your camera in a certain direction you can do that too.
Connects to Alexa & Google – I haven’t used this feature yet, but it’s such an awesome perk!
Option for battery or wired setup – so it’s perfect for any home!

There are many awesome perks I wasn’t anticipating too:

Surprise “Hellos” from my significant other while he’s away. (The BEST!)
Getting to say goodbye to the kids before they leave for school if one of us is already out the door.
No need to ask when family members get home since you can check in with the app.
We know when neighbors stop by so we can catch up with them later.
Know (and see) when packages are left at the door so no need to worry about them getting stolen or lost.

Setting up the eufy doorbell is so easy too.
We opted to hard-wire ours in place of our old, broken doorbell, but if you’re planning to just use it as a battery-operated doorbell setting it up will be even more of a cinch!

My significant other is pretty handy, but if you’re not comfortable working with electrical wires and plan on hard-wiring your doorbell, you may want to call in a professional. 

When setting up your doorbell, you’ll first connect to your new home base through the app. We decided to store ours in our cabinet next to our router and it takes up very little space!

As you can see, the video footage once you’re set up is incredibly clear! 🤩
I have loved being able to see who’s at our door whether I’m home or not and my significant other loves the ability to check in any time too. Plus, being able to talk through the doorbell is a huge perk and works seamlessly! (We have only noticed a small delay at times, due to WiFi issues.)

Over the last year, we’ve had a few strange people poking around our yard and/or touching things they should have when we weren’t home. Ultimately, our doorbell has provided us with the power and knowledge we wouldn’t have otherwise had without it.

I’m incredibly thankful we finally got this doorbell! 🙏🏻

Of course, with everything there are a couple of things worth mentioning:

The notifications can get out of control. 😳 Granted, you can always turn them off (which I do), so this won’t necessarily be an issue. The doorbells are designed to detect things so if the kids are running around playing you’ll be getting quite a few notifications, but keep in mind these can always be shut off at your convenience – you’ll just have to remember to turn them back on or check in on the app at the end of each day.
Sometimes it lags. We’ve noticed occasionally our doorbell doesn’t pick people up right away. If there’s someone who doesn’t belong at your door, this could be a major thumbs down. Of course, our WiFi tends to get quite a few interruptions so with a new high-speed router I’m hoping this won’t continue to be an issue. Despite this, ours has always come through when we needed it.

Overall, our entire family is so thrilled with this addition to our home! In fact, we plan to add many more additions to our eufy system and provide peace of mind in every corner of our home’s exterior.

All with FREE storage and NO monthly fees! Ya just can’t beat FREE, Hip2Save friends! 👏🏻

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