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14 Best Things to Buy at Costco That are Reader-Approved!

Break out your membership card and shop some of the best things to buy at Costco!

We asked & you shared the best things to buy at Costco!
We asked on our Facebook what the #1 thing to buy at Costco is, and, with over 1,000 comments, you all certainly didn’t hold back! Whether you’re a club member yet or not, we’re sharing the feedback we’ve received, along with our personal opinions, of the best things to buy at Costco the next time you’re planning a shopping trip.

We found that people who favor Costco as their wholesale club choice are in it for way more than just great prices and Kirkland’s products. In fact, we’re absolutely sure these Costco buys are worth the membership alone!

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1. Tons of you shop at Costco just for the awesome toilet paper.

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, 380 sheets, 30 rolls – $18.79

Tons of the Hip Facebook Community members, including both teammates and readers, swear by Costco’s Kirkland toilet paper. Even more convincing, compared to Sam’s Club, Costco even has the cost beat considering you’ll pay $0.018 per sheet at Sam’s Club on their lowest priced TP!

2. Costco’s $4.99 rotisserie chickens are the top-selling grocery item in the whole club. 

Available in-club only – $4.99

Did you know Costco sells an average of 157,000 chickens every single day and over 60 million every year?! 😱 It’s no wonder so many of you mentioned this being your favorite thing to buy considering it’s one of the best deals in all of Costco.

Weighing in at about 3-pounds, each rotisserie chicken sells for just $4.99 each – no coupon needed! Costco even reportedly loses money on their chickens but refuses to raise the price since they’re one of their best-selling items (Oh, how we love you, Costco!)

Hip Tip: Lina shared 12 different & easy recipes you can make using Costco rotisserie chicken.

3. The pre-cooked bacon is arguably the best bacon.

Kirkland Signature Fully-Cooked Bacon, Hickory Wood Smoked – $16.99

Although a little pricey, this pre-cooked bacon just may be one of the tastiest, most-convenient items Costco has to offer. Tons of our Facebook members were raving about it, and everyone was very adamant that its worth every penny. With about 50 slices of bacon, this can easily last you around a month.

“Best bacon you will ever buy at a store!!”

“#1 is the Kirkland pre-cooked bacon; it is fabulous.”

“The pre-cooked bacon is my favorite. I buy it every time!”

4. Costco’s street taco pre-made meals are easily a fan-favorite dinner idea.

Available in-club only – $5.49/lb

You can find the packs of street tacos freshly pre-made and ready to eat in the refrigerated section! Complete with all the fixings, you can’t go wrong with scooping up this festive dinner idea. Plus, our entire team and plenty of readers are just as obsessed!

“I just tried the street tacos kit, and it was amazing.” – Monica, Hip2Save Reader

“Oh yes, their Chicken Street Tacos are AMAZING! The best corn tortillas are in this kit!” – Angie, Hip2Save Sidekick

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5. If you love Chick-Fil-A, you can have it at home with Costco’s identical Just Bare chicken nuggets.

Available in select clubs only – $19.89

Just Bare Chicken Nuggets are only $19.99 for an entire 4-pound bag which is just $5 a pound! They’re a Costco must-buy according to many of our readers!

Although it’s been a debate between some, we personally feel like these taste identical to Chick-fil-a, and, compared to an order of 8 nuggets at Chick-fil-A sold for $3.85, it’s easy to see who the winner in the price category is and they absolutely live up to the hype!

One thing everyone seemed to agree on, though, is how yummy these nuggets are. The only caveat is that not all locations across the country have them so if you’re lucky enough to spot them, don’t hesitate to scoop them up!

“I tried these upon the recommendation of Hip2Save and we just absolutely love them. The air fryer is the way to go.” – Laura

“I toss these with the cauliflower rice stir fry so yummy!” – Amy

6. The pre-packaged hard-boiled eggs come and go, but we wish they were everywhere. 💔

Available in select clubs only – $10.99

Many readers think the prepackaged hard-boiled eggs are too delicious to ignore, but they’re based on location, so, if you see these in your store, don’t hesitate and buy a pack!

7. Send flowers to a loved one at the best price (and quality) with Costco.

Costco flower bouquets $42.99+ for delivered flowers (prices in-club will vary)

Flowers are always a good idea, whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a loved one. Regardless of the special occasion, Costco is our tried & true place to count on for amazing & affordable bouquets of flowers – with a great price to match them! This is definitely one of the best things to buy at Costco.

They even have 50-stemmed roses for JUST $49.99 that you can have delivered the very next day – all without stepping foot in a club! WOW!

8. The frozen-mixed berries are perfect for smoothies.

Kirkland Three Berry Blend, 4 Ibs – $14.99

When it comes to frozen berries, Kirkland has some of the greatest mixes that result in amazing smoothies. Tons of readers were gushing over how much they live for this berry mix, and we’d have to agree with them!

9. These mini chicken and cilantro wontons are the easiest and tastiest snack!

CJ Bibigo Chicken & Cilantro Mini Wontons, 3 lbs – $10.99

Whether your kids are looking for an afternoon snack or you’re adding this to a dinner recipe, these chicken and cilantro mini wontons are delicious! They’re low in calories and high in protein. Try them in the air fryer for an easy way to cook them!

10. Our entire team loves stocking up on Costco’s coffee selection.

Kirkland Signature Coffee Organic Pacific Bold K-Cups – 120 ct. – $35.99 (or just 30¢ per K-cup!)

Coffee lovers, unite! Whether your cup of joe comes from whole beans, a K-cup, grounds, or even a Nespresso machine, Costco delivers incredible prices and quality on many different types of coffee. When it comes to K-Cups, you can’t go wrong with choosing the Kirkland Pacific Bold cups!

Aside from the K-Cups, we also love the San Francisco French-Roast coffee beans and Kirkland Signature Medium Roast Coffee.

11. Costco even has great home goods too with luxury towels!

Charisma 100% Hygrocotton 2-piece Bath Towel Set – $22.99

As if Costco couldn’t get any better in the food department, we’ve got some wonderful ideas on what to buy in Costco’s home goods section! My Hip sidekick, Lina, is totally obsessed with how great the Charisma brand towels are at Costco and she loves that they’re incredibly affordable, super soft, and the quality is on par too!

We’ve seen them go as low as $5.99 for a towel and $7.99 for bath sheets! Ya just can’t beat it, friends! 👏

Don’t miss Lina’s full review on these towels over here. She definitely thinks these towels are one of the best things you can buy at Costco!

Hip Tip: Try this laundry stripping hack to bring your old towels to new life.

12. If you need new bedding, Costco’s Kirkland brand has you covered.

Kirkland Signature 680 Thread Count 6-piece Sheet Set $59.99+

In the market for some new bedding? The Kirkland Costco brand sheets are what you need to buy at Costco next! They’re true luxury on a dime with all their high-end features. Crease Control technology offers wrinkle-resistant smoothness while their GripOn corners keep the fitted sheet in place to prevent shifting.

13. Dog food at Costco is also remarkably good & inexpensive too.

Kirkland Signature Dog Food – $33.49+ 

Numerous Hip2Save readers swear by Costco’s dog food and wouldn’t ever buy it anywhere else. Not only is there food for every type of dog, but the prices are unbeatable too. For example, their largest-sized 40-pound bags are priced at just $1.25 per pound! 😱

“I love the Kirkland brand dog food! You can get a HUGE bag for just a little over $30.” – Lacey, Hip2Save reader

14. Readers love the Kirkland Signature baby wipes!

Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes Fragrance-Free, 900-count – $19.99

Whether or not you actually have babies, these Kirkland wipes are a must-have. Online, there are over 3,000 reviews with over 2,000 5-star ratings! They recently changed the packaging, and most Costco shoppers are in love with the new packaging since the wipes don’t get stuck together anymore.

“Kirkland brand baby wipes are our number one…but we don’t have babies anymore. We just love the wipes.” – Lori, Hip2Save reader

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