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These CBD Oils, Gummies, & Pills Really Work (+ Get 25% Off with Sitewide Discounts!)

CBD gummies, pills, & oil will take your wellness to the natural level. 🙇‍♀️
I’m excited to take you all on a journey to find the best wellness products for your mind, body, & soul! If you’re ready to amplify your wellness with more effective & natural remedies that really work, keep reading to follow along with my new daily regimen using CBD gummies, CBD oil, & CBD pills.

Best of all, I have some major discounts for each product I’m sharing (scroll down to get up to 25% off and free shipping with their sitewide sale), so you totally won’t want to miss out on these new finds!

As with anything health product, always consult with your doctor before adding to your daily regimen and inquire if you have questions or concerns. We’re love sharing our favorite new finds, but understand not every product may work the same for everyone.

Introducing Healist Naturals wellness products! 🌿

Need more calm in your life? ✅

Want a more restful night’s sleep? ✅

Seeking to feel better overall? ✅

Then hear me out, friends! In a world full of wellness products, it can be overwhelming to find something truly worth your while. And if you’ve ever looked at the ingredients on many “wellness” products, you’d be shocked to find out what’s really in many of them.

So when I heard about Healist CBD pills, oils, and gummies, I knew I needed to give them a try! 🙌

Here’s what drew me to Healist Naturals in the first place. Their products are:

Triple lab-tested
Made with all-natural ingredients
Come with a 30-day money-back guarantee
And they’re made with only the best CBD

…Wait, what? 🤔 CBD?

There’s definitely a lot of misconception about CBD and what it actually is, but with the major spike using this natural remedy (actually used medicinally for 5,000+ years), it’s nothing you should be wary of trying.

Plus, you all know I love my natural approach to life so there couldn’t be a product more fitting to share with you all.

Fun Fact: CBD builds up in the body over time, so consistently taking a ‘daily dose’ keeps a sustained level in your system to help keep you feeling calm day after day.

What is CBD?
CBD or Cannabidiol is one of over 80+ natural phytocannabinoids (naturally occurring compounds) found in and extracted from hemp. While hemp and marijuana are technically the same species, they are legally defined by what types of cannabinoids they produce.

Hemp naturally contains higher levels of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound known for helping the human body restore balance and support overall wellness. Read more from Healist.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?
No, CBD will not show up on a drug test. At Healist, they only use broad-spectrum CBD, which contains 0.0% THC (the active ingredient drug tests are looking for).

Broad-spectrum hemp extract not only contains high levels of CBD but includes other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC*, and therapeutic compounds like terpenes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that work in synergy with each other to power your body, as nature intended.

Plus, Healist publishes lab tests for every product they produce so you’ll have even more peace of mind. Read more from Healist.

Now, without further ado… here are the Healist CBD oil, pills, & gummies that have changed my daily routine for the better!

1. Healist CBD Calm Drops provide incredible stress-relieving benefits & are so refreshing, plus they’re 25% OFF!

This is by far my favorite Healist product yet! This CBD oil should be used daily and helps quiet your mind & maintain focus throughout the day. Plus, anything with peppermint is a sure winner in my book!

Even better, if you follow a keto lifestyle, there’s ZERO added sugar in this CBD product, perfect for your low carb journey.

By simply dropping this oil under your tongue and letting it soak for about 25 seconds before swallowing, you’ll be feeling the benefits almost immediately. Bonus points that it’s also a great way to freshen your breath. Plus, it’s small enough to take with you on the go so you can easily stay stress-free when you’re away from home.

According to an Independent Consumer Testing Panel:

96% agree the Calming Drops have been effective in helping them find calm
95% agree the Calming Drops have improved their feelings of stress & anxiety
92% agree their sense of calm has improved over time

What’s in their calm drops? The highest quality, U.S. organically farmed CBD blended with active levels of organic peppermint essential oil and a custom calming terpene blend.

Check out this deal you can score on Healist CBD Calm Drops:

Healist Naturals 600 MG Peppermint Calming Drops $64.99
Score an automatic 25% off sitewide
Final cost $$48.75 shipped

That’s $1.63 per serving!

They’re also available in double strength if you need a higher daily dosage:

Healist Naturals 1,200 MG Peppermint Calming Drops $99.99
Score an automatic 25% off sitewide
Final cost $75 shipped

That’s $2.50 per serving!

2. Their CBD Calm Chews are way better & more delicious than any other CBD pill, plus get 25% OFF!

If you’re more into taking delicious CBD gummies as opposed to a CBD pill or oil, then you’re going to absolutely LOVE the Healist CBD Calm Chews! Also intended to help quiet your mind & maintain focus throughout the day, these round CBD gummies are exceptionally delicious and easy to take throughout the day as needed.

In fact, it’s a shame I can’t snack on them all day long because they’re that great. 😂

What’s in their CBD Calm Chews? Vegan gummies containing the highest quality U.S. organically farmed CBD blended with active levels of organic Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and a custom calming terpene blend.

Check out this deal you can score on CBD Calm Chews:

Healist Naturals CBD Calm Chews $79.99
Score an automatic 25% off sitewide
Final cost $60 shipped

That’s $2.60 per serving or just $1.30 per gummy!

3. These Sleep Chew CBD gummies are perfect to help you sleep at night. Score them for 25% OFF!

Considering I was taking melatonin pills at night (every night, might I add), I was really looking forward to trying these CBD Sleep Chews. Better yet, I really have noticed a difference after just a week of taking these CBD gummies! I find myself falling asleep just as easy and I actually don’t feel bogged down or even slightly groggy when I wake up the next morning.

Ultimately, I feel so good taking these daily CBD chews as opposed to melatonin pills knowing that I’m helping promote a healthier sleep cycle for my mind and body.

What’s in their CBD Sleep Chews? A fast-acting, sleep-inducing blend of the highest quality U.S. organically farmed CBD with active levels of valerian root, botanical extracts (Lavender and Chamomile), and a custom sleep terpene blend.

Check out this deal you can score on CBD Sleep Chews:

Healist Naturals CBD Sleep Chews $79.99
Score an automatic 25% off sitewide
Final cost $60 shipped! 

That’s $2.60 per serving or just $1.30 per gummy!

*Note that my orange-flavored CBD gummies appear redder than the stock photos online however, it’s still the same product. 

4. Build your body’s natural defenses with Healist Immune Support Capsule pills. Get 25% OFF!

I’m a firm believer our bodies are capable of building their own immunity and battling many illnesses on their own if we’re fueling them with the best possible nutrition. That said, sometimes we just need a boost or want to take preventative measures to ensure we’re maintaining the most optimal defense mechanisms.

I have really enjoyed taking these CBD pills weekly, knowing I’m keeping my body in balance and maintaining optimal support for my immune system. Better yet, these also have no added sugars, so they’re perfect if you’re following a keto lifestyle.

What’s in their CBD Immune Support Capsule pills? The highest quality US organically farmed CBD plus nature’s most powerful immune boosters of Elderberry, Echinacea, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3.

Check out this deal you can score on Healist Immune Support Capsule pills:

Healist Immune Support Capsules $34.99
Score an automatic 25% off sitewide
Final cost $26.25 shipped

That’s $1.75 per serving (minimum recommended dose of 1 CBD pill per week)

Try with confidence because of their 30-day money-back guarantee! 

While I know these products are on the spendier side (even with a discount), know that you’ll be taking them all with all the confidence thanks to Healist’s 30-day money-back guarantee! 🙌

I hope you end up loving these products and the benefits they offer as much as I do!