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Instead of Buying a New Air Fryer, I Replaced the Basket!

Does your air fryer get lots of use like mine?
In my kitchen, we use the air fryer almost every single day. It’s truly the most used kitchen appliance in our household! I make easy air fryer meals and sides for dinner, my teens use it to cook foods like frozen chicken nuggets for lunch, and not to mention that using the air fryer is THE BEST way to heat up leftovers.

Basically, I’m in love with my air fryer, and jump at every opportunity to use it! 

Over the years, my air fryer basket started looking pretty ragged!
I’ve had this PowerXL air fryer for the last 3 years and it has worked like a champ. That said, the basket started to discolor pretty badly after constant use. No amount of scrubbing would take off the stains, and the non-stick coating even started coming off in some areas.

Did you know you can purchase replacement air fryer baskets?!
It’s true! So instead of buying a new air fryer, I simply replaced the basket — and it has worked perfectly for the last 6 months! In fact, this highly-rated RAMLY air fryer basket has held up even better than the one that came with my machine.

This replacement basket is non-stick making it easy to remove stuck-on foods. It’s also dishwasher safe, really high-quality, and affordable at around $23 on I’m kinda proud that this late-night Amazon purchase turned out to be a win! 😂

RAMLY air fryer basket, 3.7 QT $22.99

Also available in 2.6 QT & 5.5 QT

It even came with a little screwdriver and hardware too!
Installation is super easy. You just have to unscrew the handle from the original air fryer basket and attach it to the new one using the provided screws. My replacement is compatible with the PowerXL and GoWise brands. Just be sure to pick the correct size to go with your air fryer. You can even measure your basket to be sure the replacement will fit.

For other brands, you could always do a quick “replacement air fryer basket” search on Amazon to find one compatible with your specific air fryer.

This turned out to be a great solution to keep my air fryer looking new without purchasing a new one! I hope this simple tip is helpful to anyone whose appliance could use a refresh.

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