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This Mobile-Order Friendly Starbucks Drink Tastes Like Gummy Bears!

The Starbucks’ Secret Menu only gets better come summer. 😍
The summer heat is turning up already this year and if there’s one thing I know for sure, everyone loves enjoying an ice cold drink to quench their thirst on a hot summer day!

That’s why I couldn’t wait to share this new Starbucks gummy bear drink hack with you all – it’s totally refreshing and just what you need in your life! Even sweeter, it’s easy to order and can even be done on their mobile app!

Introducing the Starbucks Gummy Bear secret menu drink!

Thanks to all the viral TikTok buzz on this secret menu hack, we already knew this iced gummy bear-inspired drink would be total fire. 🔥

With irresistible flavors of peach, raspberry, and real strawberries, it’s sure to satisfy your taste buds whether sitting poolside or anywhere your summer adventures take you.

Drooling already? 🤤
Here’s what’s in the Starbucks Secret Menu Gummy Bear drink:

Strawberry Açai Refresher (by default, this comes with fresh strawberry inclusions) 
Peach Juice
Raspberry Syrup

And that’s it! 🤩

Here’s exactly how to order the Starbucks Secret Menu Gummy Bear drink:

“Hi there! Can I please have a Venti Strawberry Açai Refresher with no water, add peach juice, and 2 pumps of raspberry syrup? Thank you!”

Keep in mind, when ordering smaller sizes, you’ll need to adjust the raspberry syrup accordingly, however, your barista will automatically adjust the amount of peach juice.

Here are the recommended pumps for each size when ordering the Starbucks Gummy Bear secret menu drink:

Trenta (30 fl. oz. drink)3 pumps raspberry syrup
Venti (24 fl. oz. drink)2 pumps raspberry syrup
Grande (16 fl. oz. drink)1 pump raspberry syrup
Tall (12 fl. oz. drink)1/2 pump raspberry syrup (this will be an estimated pump by your barista)

Better yet, this delicious drink is even mobile order friendly! SWEET! 🤩

Even though this drink is simple to order in person, you can make life even easier and order it directly through the Starbucks mobile app!

Here’s how to order the Gummy Bear drink on your Starbucks mobile app:

Click “Order” at the bottom, middle of your Starbucks app
Click “Menu” at the top left
Scroll down and choose “Cold Drinks”
Scroll down to “Starbucks Refreshers” and choose “Strawberry Açai Starbucks Refreshers Beverage” 
Choose your size
Click “Customize”
Go to “Juice Options” and add “Peach Juice Blend”
Go to “Flavors” and add “Raspberry Syrup” and the pumps according to size
Click “Done Customizing” and add to your order!

Even sweeter, did you know you can score this Starbucks Gummy Bear drink for FREE if you’re birthday is coming up and you’re part of the Starbucks Rewards Program?!

Here’s what our excited taste tester, Cam, said about her Starbucks Gummy Bear drink:

“WOWZA! I must say, this drink is quite delicious – talk about refreshing! This gummy bear drink is perfectly sweet and satisfies your sweet tooth in such a refreshing way. The raspberry, peach, and strawberry açai combination is absolutely AMAZING – it’s a must-try!!!
I give this drink a solid 9.5 out of 10!” 

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