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Make Your Old Boxes Look New Again With This Reader Tip!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 😍
This week’s Happy Friday post is all about saving on postage and shipping boxes – count me IN! Not only are these tips great for those of you who are constantly sending packages through the mail (eBay sellers, re-sellers, etc.) but they also work for anyone who sends gifts through the mail as well which I think we have all done a bit more of this past year.

And since we may be a bit plusher with boxes these days from all of the online ordering we do, we don’t need to spend money at Staples or other supply stores buying new shipping boxes 🙌 , however, it can look a bit tacky sending someone a gift in a toilet paper box. 🧻🤷‍♀️

This week’s Happy Friday reader, Tracey, has solved that problem for us! We can re-use our old boxes, and still make them look new and clean, and she’s offering us a way to save on postage too…

Recently, I needed to mail a package of books to a friend who is collecting new and gently used books for her school classroom. The USPS has a great service “Media Mail” to save on postage costs, but you must follow the regulations; see their website for more info.

Although the USPS Media Mail instructions do not say that you can’t reuse a box, I thought a new box would let postal workers easily see the address and postage information. (Media Mail is subject to random searches too, so brown paper wrapping is not an option.)

We recently bought new faucets and the box was the perfect size for the books. Two minutes later, the box was inside out and was perfect for my needs. I didn’t even need any tape to reassemble that particular box.

You can easily turn almost any box inside out for a cleaner look. Need a gift box? Just look in the pantry for the right-sized box and there you go! (My family has been known to do this many times although we don’t usually turn them inside out; the recipient instead usually thinks they are getting a box of cereal or crackers!😆) But if you want a cleaner look, it is quick and easy; all you need is a little time and some tape.

I’ve mailed many reused Amazon, etc. boxes without doing this with no problems, but it is an easy option if a cleaner look is needed or wanted.
Here are a few reasons for turning your boxes inside out…

A cleaner look helps postal workers see the address easily.
Recipients won’t wonder why they got a package from a store when they didn’t order anything.
Great for wrapping gifts with thin, see-through gift wrap.
Save money by reusing boxes as opposed to buying new ones.
The box can be decorated for the occasion (a fun project for the kids – decorate when unassembled and Grandma will love it!)

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Tracey! I can tell you right now that as I was reading through this my mind was blown.🤯  So simple, so obvious, yet I’ve NEVER even thought of this! It’s a great way to de-clutter all of our used boxes sitting in the garage, save money, and help the planet 🌎. Win, win, win! And the tip about saving on postage using the Media Mail service was an awesome bonus tip to boot!


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