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10 Gifts Every New Mom Actually Wants (and NEEDS!)

We’ve compiled a list of the best gift for new moms that are not only thoughtful, but also very much needed!

Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, mama. ❤️
For every new mom-to-be, the postpartum journey is completely unknown. While every woman’s journey into motherhood is different & unique, we found lots of us benefitted from many of the same gifts or “treat yourself” moments.

After chatting with new & seasoned moms, we’ve rounded up a list of the most crucial new mom gifts every woman should have.

First and foremost, just having someone who cares is a gift of its own for new moms.

Never underestimate the power of a friend. Becoming a new mom has many emotions for every woman. It is reported that 15% of new moms experience Postpartum depression which can start developing anywhere from 1 week to 1 month after delivery. When they say, “it takes a village”, I’m a first-hand believer that village starts with mom – we can’t do this alone, ladies.

Learning how to help someone with postpartum depression or seeking help if you think you’re experiencing postpartum depression can change lives. To find a local support group, head to

And if you’re a momma who is out there struggling please know we see you, we hear you, we love you, & it’s okay to ask for help. ❤️

“It’s been a long time since I had a newborn but I do recall wanting someone to ask me how I was doing, how I felt, if I needed anything, etc. Not just asking about the baby. I had PPD (I didn’t realize it until weeks later) and just really needed a friend.” – Cecilia, Hip2Save reader

Here’s something one of my Hip sidekick’s sisters suggests to combat PPD:

“Both my sister & sister-in-law had their placentas dried out and ground up into capsules. They took it in capsule form (or as a tea), but they both swore by this for easing postpartum symptoms.” – Angie, Hip2Save sidekick

Here’s our list of must-have gifts for new moms:

1. Period panties

Buy them on Amazon – $21.99 (3-pack)

While almost every woman who delivered a baby can agree, nothing beats the mesh hospital panties. That said, every woman looks forward to feeling themselves again once you’re home and getting into a new routine.

Treating yourself (or a new mom) to a few pairs of period panties will save you from any unexpected leaking and will be the perfect added protection while in postpartum recovery.

INNERSY on Amazon offers affordable packs of period panties – I personally own their low-rise hipsters for bedtime (and I didn’t just have a baby either)! They’d definitely be ideal for any momma who recently had a c-section too.

Since we’re on the topic of postpartum, I also wanted to share two other options that are ideal gifts for new moms and also perfect for women in postpartum recovery:

INNERSY High-Waisted Postpartum Maternity Panties – the flexible high-rise & expansive liner offers the most coverage & protection for new moms.
INNERSY High-Waisted Cotton Panties – same comfortable high-waist with minimal lining ideal for spotting.

Each of their packs of underwear is the perfect companion to wear with pads and their super soft & comfortable high-waist will allow your postpartum belly to feel more secure & comfortable as you recover. Plus, they give new moms the peace of mind they need!

2. Nursing bras & tank tops

Buy them on Amazon – $27.99 (3-pack)

Speaking from experience, nursing bras make all the difference in the world. Plus, chances are you won’t fit into your old bras anyways, but even if you do, folding them down and avoid them from getting milk all over them is basically impossible.

It’s all about comfort, support, coverage, & ease nowadays, so don’t forget to grab a few nursing bras to help make life easier and comfier while breastfeeding or pumping.

If you want to invest in some award-winning nursing bras, check out Bravado!

“I don’t think the younger generation realizes how necessary nursing bras are! I had my daughter last year at age 28. I thought, oh I don’t need a nursing bra. I’ll just fold down my regular bra, NOPE. Amazon has a great selection.” – Lauren, Hip2Save reader

Or consider a nursing tank that could be worn as a bra too.

Buy them on Amazon – $29.99+ (3 pack)

A nursing tank top will not only provide the same benefits as a nursing bra, but you’ll also be able to easily layer it with your favorite cozy sweater, wear it on its own, and get added coverage for your postpartum belly. Best of all, you can wear them pregnant too.

“Nursing tank tops were my best friend. They’re easy to access and they didn’t make me feel like I was exposing my belly.” – Shannon, Hip2Save reader

3. Nursing Pads

Buy them on Amazon – $10.99 (120 count – regularly $12.99) 

Some women experience very minimal leaking when nursing or pumping while others can’t even get through a grocery store trip without their milk ducts leaking like a fire hose (again, speaking from experience here, friends 🤣).

Either way, stock up on a few pads whether you’re planning to nurse or not. I personally found Medela pads to be the most absorbent & really loved them during my nursing years.

If you’d like something more Earth-friendly, Amazon also offers many highly-rated reusable breast pads too.

“Pads for inside the bra for those sudden baby crying in the store leaks. LOL!” – Melanie, Hip2Save reader

4. Reusable water bottle

Buy it on Amazon – $29.95 

Or shop all our favorite water bottles on the market!

This might sound like a strange gift for a new mom, but soon enough, she’s going to realize just how thirsty she is (especially if she’s nursing). Invest in a great water bottle that will be easy to tote around and will hold lots of cold, refreshing water.

“The thirst is as real as the exhaustion! I’m nursing a 4 week old and I’ve never been so thirsty in my life!” – Elizabeth, Hip2Save reader

5. Breast Ice Packs

Buy them on Amazon – $21.99

Plus, save 10% when you buy two!

Whether you’re opting out of nursing altogether or you’re struggling with extremely tender breasts from nursing, some ice packs for your breasts will provide cooling relief and are ultimately the ideal gift for new moms. Our favorites on Amazon will even work with your pump or while breastfeeding too.

“I used these cooling breast pads when I was nursing and they were a lifesaver! When I was done with them, I gave them to my sister-in-law and even she raved about them too!” – Janis, Hip2Save reader

6. Comfy dresses 

Buy it on Amazon – $19.99+

Or shop the best-selling maternity & nursing dresses on Amazon!

Easy to put on & loose-fitting dresses will be a sure way to feel like you’ve got it all together… even if you totally don’t (which is okay, too, mama!).

If you’re planning to nurse or pump, you’ll definitely want to invest in some comfy nursing dresses that will be perfect for lounging around the house and running errands. However, if you don’t need the easy access and just need to be comfy, we think you’ll love our favorite maxi dress on Amazon that looks good on everyone!

“Comfy nightdresses were a must for me.” – Elisabeth, Hip2Save reader

7. FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Buy it on Amazon – $49.99

A kit that truly has everything! If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a new mom or know you need one yourself, this Fridamom kit is just the gift you didn’t know you needed! And it’s one gift our readers (& new moms) have been raving about! Moms who have gone through vaginal delivery will especially love this thoughtful gift idea.

Your kit will include the following:

4 Pairs of disposable underwear (even better than the hospital mesh ones)
4 Instant ice maxi pads (perfect cooling relief for home after your hospital supply runs out)
24 Perineal cooling witch hazel pad liners (the ultimate soothing experience after vaginal births)
Perineal healing foam (great for relieving post-vaginal pain)
Toilet-top storage caddy (easily tote it all around your home)

“The Frida Mom box is beyond worth it!” – Amanda, Hip2Save reader

8. Extra-long charging cable

Buy an iOS XL charging cord on Amazon – $6.99+
Buy a Samsung XL charging cord on Amazon – $6.98+

While having a new baby is a great excuse to put the phone down, we realize you have an endless amount of excited friends & family that want to hear the news. Gifting an extra-long charging cord is perfect for any new mom you suspect won’t be unplugging much after delivery.

Plus, if the new momma plans to nurse, that extra-long charging cable will definitely come in handy while she’s feeding.

“I loved having an extra-long charging cable for my phone. You can charge while nursing/feeding the baby or if the baby is sleeping and you don’t want to move.” – Marcy, Hip2Save reader

9. An extra set of hands

The price of your help is FREE!

Calling Uncle Joey or Aunt Laura! Another priceless gift for a new mom (and one that will be greatly appreciated) is having some extra hands to help out. Whether that means keeping the baby & older siblings occupied while mom showers or helping fold some of that endless clean laundry – your help is free and could be the greatest gift of all!

As an idea, you could create a fun coupon and include it in a gift basket or card! Plus, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love some fresh baby snuggles so it’s technically a gift for you too. 😉

“I can think of anything more valuable to a new mom than being able to take an uninterrupted shower/nap. Just an extra set of hands for a few hours (especially if you had a c-section) is amazing to have.” – Kelly, Hip2Save reader

10. A good meal, because you deserve it.

After the arrival of your newborn, no matter how they got here, every new mom deserves to indulge in a delicious, well-deserved meal. I know I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on a juicy burger!

So, ask your friend what they want their first meal to be and treat her to something delicious or order from one of the best food delivery services if you don’t plan to make it to the hospital.

“Food is the only thing that matters after having a baby. Plan that sandwich out before you have the baby and have a sandwich doula on standby for when you can eat that delicious sandwich.” – Candice, Hip2Save reader

Speaking of meals, you could also consider prepping some yummy meals to gift the new mom too!

There’s no family with a new baby that won’t appreciate some prepped meals. Even if you’re giving this gift to yourself, it’s something you’ll appreciate having in the freezer for those sleepless days and nights…and we suspect there will be plenty more where that came from so the more meals, the merrier!

Check out the best food delivery services to make future dinners a breeze!

“I really regret not making premade meals. It’s exhausting taking care of a newborn baby and older kids especially when hubby can’t cook to save his life. LOL! It would be so much easier to just pull out a prepared meal, heat it up, and serve!” – Siobhan, Hip2Save reader

Bonus idea: Creating a gift basket with all our gift ideas for new moms would make such a thoughtful gift & one they won’t ever forget!

Here are some other ideas you could include in your gift basket:

Epsom salts
Hydration packs
Witch hazel
Super absorbency pads
Nipple cream
Postpartum belly band
Lactation snacks
A gift card to get pampered
A coupon for a babysitting night

“My sister-in-law made me a postpartum basket and had it waiting for me at my house when I came home from the hospital when I just had my last baby! It was seriously such a nice gift and it was obviously so useful! I was not prepared with all this stuff either so it made for the best gift ever!” – Erica, Hip2Save sidekick & mom of 3

Seasoned mom also shared all their top baby registry must-haves!