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I No Longer Hold Back Printing in Color w/ Ink Cartridge Refills That Cost 75% Less!

Stop throwing away money on expensive ink cartridges for your printer and check out these refills from LD Ink instead!

Printer running low on ink or toner? Here’s a money-saving tip! 
If you own a printer, then you know that the cost of replacing the ink and toner can quickly surpass the price you paid for the actual device. And if you have children, you know that somebody always needs to have something printed for school. At my house, my kids print out their research, essays, project requirements, worksheets, permission slips, and everything else under the sun!

Our list of urgent printing jobs seems never-ending, so I can’t even imagine the workout your printer is getting if you’re a teacher or a homeschooling parent. Ink and toner refills can be pricey, but I’ll fill you in on a little secret. I’ve been ordering from and not only is it saving me lots of money, but I get my remanufactured cartridges shipped directly to my door!

Now through February 28th, hustle over to and use our exclusive promo code INKHIP2SAVE20 to save 20% off LD Ink & Toner! Even better, shipping is free on all orders. 👏

Printer ink refills can be so pricey, am I right?! 
When I first switched over to using the more affordable LD-brand cartridges, I was really anxious to see how the quality would stack up against the expensive name-brand cartridges recommended for my HP inkjet printer.

I’ve been using the LD-brand cartridges for many months now, and I’m really excited to report that I am SO glad I made the switch. I’ve found them to be every bit as good as the name-brand ink, and I’m completely blown away by how much money I’m saving with remanufactured cartridges.

Not familiar with
This company is an online retailer that sells compatible and remanufactured ink and toner cartridge refills by LD Products. They’re based in Long Beach, CA and they sell their own LD-brand of products at a fraction of the price. In most cases, you’ll pay only about 1/4 of the cost when you swap the LD-brand for your name-brand ink and toner! 😱

These products are remanufactured, meaning they’re cleaned, checked for leaks or damage, and tested before being sold. Plus, this retailer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full two years of coverage from the date of purchase, so returns and exchanges are easy, fast, and hassle-free.

Using affordable remanufactured ink has totally changed the way we approach printing in our family. I used to guard the printer very carefully, and my kids knew that they had to ask permission to print anything.

We print out a lot of school-related papers, so I rarely said yes to printing any of the “extras” like coloring pages, Perler Bead patterns, pictures the kids took on their iPad, and other non-essential printables. And I almost never approved anything to be printed in color, unless it was required for school.

Finding affordable refills has allowed us to print everything we need for school (and some of the fun stuff too!) without worrying about the cost of replacing the ink. 🙌

I used to dread buying replacement ink, but I saved over 75% on my latest order of LD-brand cartridges!

HP 56 Black Remanufactured Ink Cartridge $13.99 (vs. $52.79 of the name brand counterpart)
HP 57 Tri-Color Remanufactured Ink Cartridge $20.99 (vs. $71.99 of the name brand counterpart)
Enter promo code INKHIP2SAVE20 to save 20%
Final cost just $27.98 shipped!

That’s a savings of $96.80 compared to buying them at the office supply store, and I didn’t even need to leave my house! 🙌

Head on over to before February 28th and use promo code INKHIP2SAVE20 to get the lowest price on the refills you need. Then you’ll have them on hand when your kids need to print everything from a critical last-minute permission slip to a just-for-fun coloring page.

Check out what my Hip2Save teammate Lina had to say about her LD ink cartridge refills:
Now that I’ve found affordable ink, I am printing up a storm! Installing the cartridges was the same process as I am used to, and the quality of printing is top-notch. I am seriously so impressed with how well my LD printer cartridges are performing. I used to shy away from printing in color because of the added expense of ink, and now I am not worried as much!

I honestly used to assume using anything other than name-brand ink would mean a much lower quality result in printing, and I am so glad that is wrong. My new affordable ink cartridge refills are awesome and make so much more sense to use, especially with prices increasing almost everywhere nowadays.

We have some great free seasonal gift tags, bucket lists, artwork, household lists, and more on Hip2Save that are free to print! With affordable ink refills, I know I’m much more likely to print these freebies, and I hope you will too!

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