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Two Hip2Save Team Members Ordered Boxes Filled w/ Target Returns – And Here’s What They Got & Thought!

Our Hip2Save team gave the viral WiBargain surprise boxes filled with Target returns a try… and here’s how it went! 😬

Hey, y’all! Angela here! 👋🏼

Ever since the pandemic started I’ve been kinda… sorta… okay A LOT obsessed with TikTok. I find myself scrolling for hours at night when I should be going to sleep.

During my nightly scrolls, I came across quite a few influencers talking about the WiBargain surprise boxes…🤯 From what the videos showed, they were receiving a TON of awesome stuff in their boxes so I thought I’d give it a try! 🤞🏼

When we first published this post, it was based on our true experience which had been overall positive, from both the side of Angela ordering without any Hip2Save affiliation, to Sara receiving a box for free. Our goal was to test out whether or not influencers got better boxes.

In the process, we were able to secure a discount code from WiBargain that we were excited to share with our readers. However, as many have expressed in the comments, the more recent purchase experiences have been nothing like ours.

For that reason, we strongly encourage you all not to order WiBargain boxes at this time.

While we’re unaware of what is causing the hold up in boxes being shipped out, or the delay in responses from the company, we feel it is in your best interest to avoid making purchases through this site until their customer experience is improved.

In the hopes there may be more comments on this post, whether it be from readers with updates on their orders, or from the company directly, we are going to keep this post live for the time being. Though again, we encourage anyone not to order from the WiBargain site at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and we truly hope to see a swift turnaround in the order issues you have all been experiencing.

Since I initially wrote this post, I’ve even convinced my Hip sidekick, Sara, to give this a try too! I mean, who doesn’t love some surprise mail?

Except… CURVEBALL! This time, WiBargain actually knew her box was headed to a Hip2Save team member and that we’d be posting about our experience again. I can barely stand the anticipation to see what she got! 😮

Do you think WiBargain gave her all the TikTok goodies we’ve been seeing from other bloggers? We shall see… 😏

To make matters even MORE exciting, we were able to score YOU a discount so if you’ve been wanting to give WiBargain a try, you can save big on this exciting mail day!

Get 20% OFF your WiBargain box with promo code HIP2SAVE20 at checkout!

Read on for both of our experiences & honest feedback to see if WiBargain is something you might like to try! 🤩

These surprise boxes range in price from $35 all the way up to $175. You can also choose from various categories of boxes including Amazon returns, Target returns, and more.
I decided to go with the $125 Target Premium Returns Box.
From what I had seen from the influencer boxes I was excited to find out what I would end up with. Plus, WiBargain claims that some boxes will include one surprise bonus item that is worth over $100 MSRP.

Sadly I didn’t end up with a surprise bonus item, but there were a few things I did like and will be able to use.

Here’s what was in my WiBargains Target Premium Returns Surprise Box:

2 Up & Up Drawing Paper 40-Sheets $2.39 per pack = $4.78 value

Threshold Striped Light Filtering Curtain Tiers $22 value (but had shampoo spilled all over them 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Room Essentials Dorm Bed 4-Pack Fitted Sheets Twin XL $20 value

Room Essentials Washcloth 6-Pack $5 value

4 Crayola Finger Paint Soap Tubes $1 each = $4 value

Schwinn Bike Seat Pack $12.99

Toy Car $1 value

Sun Squad 4-Person Picnic Blanket $20 value

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 18×18 Decorative Pillow $19.99 value

2 NHL Face Masks 2-Pack $14.99 per pack = $29.98 value

Bulu Baby Soother Pacifier $7.99 value

Ello Duraglass 6-Piece Food Container Set $24.99 value

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Bullet Bill Play Set $18.99 value

3 Spritz Easter Egg Decorating Kit $2 per pack = $6 value

Vineyard Vines Waterproof Playing Cards $5 value

2 Disney’s Frozen 50-Piece Puzzles $1 each = $2 value (missing pieces)

Dr. Seuss Fine Tip Markers $1 value

Kellytoy Stuffed Lamb $5 value

Spritz 48-Count Plastic Easter Eggs $3 value

2 Mini Christmas Spiral Coloring Books $1 each = $2 value

2 Disney & Friends Board Books $1 each = $2 value

2 Universal Thread Headbands $10 each = $20 value

FAO Schwarz Plush Bunny $15 value

Full Circle Be Good Dish Brush $5.99 value

Easter Tree $5

Project 62 8×10 Picture Frame $10 value (broken stand, but ok for hanging)

As Seen on TV Wonder Hanger Max $14.99

iPhone Case – This case had no name brand on it and no UPC so I’m not sure of the value. Oddly enough it is for the original iPhone, yep the super small one. How long have they been holding on to this gem!? 🤣

Total value: $286.69 – $100 (cost of box w/ our exclusive HIP2SAVE discount) = $186.69 worth of “free” items!

I must admit, I kind of side-eyed the Easter stuff like the plastic eggs and the egg decorating kits because those items end up going for around 20¢ during the after Easter clearance 90% off sale. Some of the items in my box I also would absolutely not consider to be “premium” items as they were from Target’s BullsEye’s Playground.

But that said, I did have a few faves…

Out of the box, my favorite items were the picnic blanket, washcloths, food storage containers, and the Hearth & Hand pillow. I also appreciated the sheet set even though I don’t have a dorm size bed as I was able to give it to a young adult I know who’s heading to college this fall!

I’ll be donating all of the toys to a holiday toy drive so they will even be put to good use too.

Many people buy these surprise boxes to resell the items on Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. I’m not sure if the box I received would really be worth the effort of reselling due to the contents. It seems that the influencers get the reallllllly good stuff (like electronics and expensive beauty tools) and the rest of us mostly end up with random things that may leave a lot to be desired comparatively speaking.

Oh, and the curtain set in my box was covered in shampoo, so those would for sure not be something that could be resold.

So what was in Sara’s surprise box?! I’ll let her tell ya!

Sara here! 👋
I’ll be honest, I was VERY skeptical of WiBargain, but being a frugal, Earth-conscious person I really appreciated that returned items were going to good use somehow!

Regardless, I was anxious to see what WiBargain would send me and I LOVE the idea of getting a box full of surprise goodies! 😍
WiBargain sent me the $125 Target Premium Returns Box, just like Angela’s!

Here’s what was in my WiBargains Target Premium Returns Surprise Box:

Threshold Bath Mat $22 value

Room Essentials Bath Towels (Set of 2) $8 value

Up & Up Heating Pad $24.99 value

Threshold Bamboo Drawer Organizer $12 value

A New Day Women’s Heel Pumps $25.49 value (reg. $29.99)

Room Essentials Outdoor String Lights $12 value

Farberware 15 pc. Knife Block Set $49.99 value

Pillowfort Chevron Blackout Curtain Panel $25 value

Room Essentials Microfiber King Sheet Set $22 value

Mitchell Full/Queen Coverlet Set $72.24 value (reg. $84.99)

Total value: $273.71 – $100 (cost of box w/ our exclusive HIP2SAVE discount) = $173.71 worth of “free” items

Overall I was pleasantly pleased with the items in my box and to my surprise, I didn’t think they packed it full of unrealistic expectations.

Compared to Angela’s box, mine actually retailed for LESS than hers. However, I felt the quality of a few items was slightly better. Mine also seemed to have fewer “fluff” products and more substantial pieces. Nonetheless, I didn’t think the stuff I received was out of the ordinary of what any non-influencer recipient would get, like I initially expected.

Many of my items were practical too!

My favorite thing in my WiBargain box were the string lights! Recently both of my boys asked for some to hang in their shared room, so these couldn’t be more perfect! (And yes, they all worked when I set them up!) 😏

There were TONS of other useful products in my box too!
The beautiful spice-colored coverlet set – perfect for transitioning into colder months. The knives set which has been on my wishlist for over a year! The foam bath rug, white towels (you can never have too many with kids), the heating pad, which is something I didn’t already have and I’m sure will come in handy when someone in my family needs it most.

Even the bamboo drawer organizer (which I didn’t think I needed) found its own space in my junk drawer! 😍

By no surprise, there were a few disappointing products, such as the one curtain panel which isn’t my style, but even then, I’d need to buy more to make it work in any of my rooms.

Then there were the size 5 women’s shoes, which are 2 sizes too small for me, and the King size sheets set that won’t fit any beds in my home – so by default, they’re essentially useless in my space.

With that said, they are all still nice products and something I know many other people can use. Plus, I’ll still get a little return on my box if I decide to sell any of the items.

I’ll pass it back to Angela now! 👋

There are so many WiBargain surprise boxes to choose from!

There are quite a few WiBargain boxes to choose from and if I had extra cash, it might be fun to grab a couple more. There are boxes with returns from Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, and boxes with jewelry, cosmetics, pet items, clothing, shoes, unclaimed mail/packages (yep, that’s a thing!) 🤯, home decor, and more! 😱

Speaking of, did you know that you can buy mail? 

I follow a woman on TikTok that goes to her local swapmeet where they sell unclaimed mail for $1 each and she ends up with a ton of gift cards and other fun items. I love her disclaimer on every video “and yes…this is totally legal.” 🤣

The WiBargain unclaimed mail surprise box is priced at $95 for a small box with ten items – that’s a pretty hefty gamble in my opinion, especially compared to the $1 price that people are paying at swap meets. Items can be in any category from home decor, kitchen, electronics, jewelry, clothing, baby and toys, and other general merchandise.

If you’re considering a clothing or shoe box, know that they can vary in size and can include men’s, women’s, or children’s clothing and shoes. From what I’ve seen from the unboxing videos on YouTube, these boxes would be better for a reseller due to the random sizing.

Here’s how to save on your own WiBargain box!

While this is quite a splurge for me to buy a box not knowing what is going to be inside, I will say the anticipation and the unboxing is totally fun! If you have a gift closet, this would be great for you – especially if you have a lot of kiddos on your gift list.

Almost all of the items in both mine and Sara’s boxes were in near perfect condition and mostly unopened, with a few exceptions of broken/damaged items like the shampoo-covered curtain panel I already mentioned above.

If you do decide to take the plunge & order your own surprise box from WiBargain, score our exclusive deal:

Get 20% OFF your WiBargain box with promo code HIP2SAVE20!

Honestly, if you have the extra cash it is pretty fun to get a surprise box in the mail, just don’t have any expectations as these can be totally hit or miss!

I will say I’m loving how the Hearth & Hand Pillow looks on my couch! It matches perfectly, even the tassels are the same color as my other pillows. Don’t come for me for being a pillow hoarder, I know I know! It reminds me of that Progressive Insurance commercial where the guy asks the woman where people are supposed to sit due to her couch being filled with pillows. 🤣
Have you purchased one of these surprise boxes? If so, let us know in the comments! 😍

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