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I’m Sharing My 10 Favorite Things to Buy at My Farmer’s Market! (You May Have Them Too!)

The local farmer’s market in your area has a lot to offer, and these are the best things I score at mine!

Supporting your local community feels so good. ❤️
Love shopping small? There’s no better way to support your community than by supporting local farmers & artisans so to celebrate, I’m sharing some of the best things you can likely find at your local farmer’s market. If you’re not sure what to buy, here are a plethora of ideas for gifting, stocking up your home, or indulging in affordable, local foods.

Before you head to your local market, here are a few helpful tips:

Try to get there early so your favorite goods don’t sell out. Some shops will also start shutting down early if their inventory is depleted.

Check their hours & days of operation. Many farmer’s markets operate on sporadic days of the week and limited times too.

Make sure to bring cash, as many places don’t allow cards. Chances are there will be an ATM around too.

Bring your own bags or a market basket. It’s courteous to the environment + farmer’s markets are in the business of lessening our carbon footprint anyways.

Shop & eat at the surrounding shops by your local market if you have the time. They’re likely stocked full of great local & handmade finds too. Two of my favorites near me are House of York (which actually ships nationally!) and Molly’s Cafe for their coffee & spicy avocado toast.

Call ahead if you’re planning to visit a specific stand or shop to be sure they’re open. Remember these are small businesses so on occasion one may be closed for a special event or even family emergencies. It’s rare, but life happens.

Many farmer’s markets are located in well-populated areas & cities so make sure to find out about parking before you leave so you can spend more time shopping.

Here are some of the best things to buy at your local Farmer’s Market.

*Note that every farmer’s market is different so prices and product availability will vary by each location. 

1. Find handmade goods like candles, pottery, soaps, crafts, & so much more!

At your local farmer’s market, there’s no better way to support small shops quite like scooping up some one-of-a-kind handmade goods. There’s something so special about finding local gems you simply can’t buy anywhere else and each farmer’s market will be unique!

Plus, if they’re anything like my market, you can ensure each product is made with natural ingredients and so much love. ❤️

My local market is full of great finds (and shop owners) where you can score an array of goods from stunning homemade candles with essential oils & pressed flowers, soaps & bath bombs for days, stunning pottery, many locally made artisan crafts, and so much more.

Hip Tip: Love natural beauty products? Check out the DIY homemade deodorant that I’ve been using for over a year now. You only need 4 ingredients!

2. Grab fresh bouquets of fresh farm flowers for your home or any special occasion.

Nearly every Farmer’s Market will have a stand (or many) where you can find gorgeous seasonal bouquets of fresh flowers. Almost always they’ll be hand-picked from local farms in your area and so much more special than purchasing them online or at national grocery chains.

I always make sure to swing by my farmer’s market before birthdays and special occasions to grab that perfect bouquet so if you’re not sure what to buy at your local farmer’s market, fresh flowers are always a good idea. Plus, they make great gifts too!

Better yet, depending on your area, they may even be significantly cheaper!

3. Seasonal fruits & fresh veggies are a farmer’s market staple everywhere.

It should come as no surprise that every single farmer’s market will have fresh produce, hence the term “farmer’s market”. The first known farmer’s market in the USA was started back in 1634 in Boston and ever since we’ve been trading local goods all over the county.

Supporting our local farmers is crucial for our smaller communities and the larger economy. Really, the only better way to score local & organic produce is if you’re growing it yourself! Better yet, the prices will easily trump what you’ll pay shopping at nationally known grocers.

4. Find artisanal foods like gourmet cheeses, fresh-baked bread, scratch pasta, and more!

Another great thing to buy at your local farmer’s market is artisanal foods, such as cheeses for your perfect Charcuterie board, fresh-baked loaves of bread, scratch pasta, and so much more! In fact, it’s where many well-known shops & restaurants in your area share their crafts or even where many new up-and-coming businesses get their first exposure before owning a storefront.

Some of my favorite artisanal foods to scoop up at my market are from the Tutoni’s Flour Shop (one of my favorite local restaurants). They even ship their pasta nationwide! 😍

5. Local honey tends to be the best price and the best for you at farmer’s markets.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to score local honey from your farmer’s market! Honey has many healing properties and is so great for baking too. Even better, I’ve found my local market to have the best prices per ounce out of anywhere I’ve been!

Suffer from seasonal allergies? Among many other benefits honey offers, it’s also great for managing your allergies. Did you know the same allergens that trigger you are present in your local, raw honey? In fact, according to, the effect of consuming honey over time is similar to getting a whole series of allergy immunology injections! Sweet! Literally! 🐝 And all the more reason to stop at your local farmer’s market.

6. Take a break and grab a bite to eat if your local farmer’s market has prepared food.

If you’ve ever been to a farmer’s market that sells prepared foods, you know it’s likely the absolute best place to buy deliciously prepared meals to grab for lunch or take home for dinner. So be sure to bring an appetite if you’re not sure what to buy at your local farmer’s market.

Coming from out of town? The local farmer’s market is also the perfect opportunity to try many of the native & popular foods from the area you’re visiting – likely the most affordable too! If you’re ever visiting my Central Market in York, PA, be sure to grab a soft pretzel (something we’re known for!) or a delicious surf & turf burrito from Roburritos.

7. Pasture-raised meats & locally-caught seafood is another great buy to put in your market basket.

Who knows how long your store-bought meat was sitting in the back freezer! I haven’t looked back ever since I discovered the affordability & pureness of buying all my meats & seafood at our local farmer’s market.

If you appreciate grass-fed beef, fresh seafood, and even ready-to-go foods like kabobs & burgers, then don’t consider buying them any other place! Plus, it’s just one more way we can help sustain the local farmers that each of our communities desperately needs.

8. Find other staple items like farm-fresh eggs, milk, & even spices.

If you don’t plan on doing the bulk of your grocery shopping at the farmer’s market, you can still scoop up many refrigerator & pantry staples. By now, it should also come as no surprise that you’ll also get the best prices for the quality since foods like eggs, milk, and even spices will come from, you guessed it – local farmers! 

Typically, I can grab a dozen fresh, free-range eggs for under two bucks and a gallon of milk for not much more! Plus, if I’m out of a spice, I know just where to go. 😉

9. Indulge in throwback & handmade candy items that almost anyone will enjoy.

We tend to limit sugar in our house, so visiting our local market is a time where my kids really feel like they can let loose. 🤣 They either bring their allowance or we’ve started a tradition where each of them gets a dollar to spend on candy. Believe it or not, a dollar goes a long way (even these days) at the farmer’s market so it also makes for a fun trip for the kids too!

Between the 25 cent candy or candies per pound, there’s likely an endless assortment of goodies to indulge in at any market.

10. Possibly score local beer, wine, or even liquor depending on your region.

If you live (or are visiting) a region that is known for making its own beer, wine, or liquor, you’re likely to find many local favorites at your farmer’s market! Some may even do taste tests on specific days so it’s worth a visit just for that reason alone. 🍷

Both of my local farmer’s markets are stocked with tons of Pennsylvania wines, and while I’m not a fan of our sweet wine, it’s still an affordable spot to pick up a bottle for gifts when I need to. I can only imagine how much I’d spend if we had dry wines too. 🤣

Hip Tip: Want a great deal on my favorite wine? We have a 1¢ deal on a bottle of dry-farmed wine right now!

Bonus: Look out for special events & even special visitors on occasion!

Every community strives to keep people coming back to support locals with farmer’s markets included, so you can guarantee they look for any excuse to throw a party, host fun events, or even have special visitors on occasion.

In the past, we’ve taken the kids to do pumpkin carvings & decorating in the fall, enjoyed live concerts all year round, spotted the Grinch at Christmas, and more recently met Bailey, the pony!

Visiting your local farmer’s market soon? Make sure to share your local finds with us and tag us on Instagram! We love hearing from you.

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