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Victoria’s Secret PINK Period Panties Only $12.95 (Regularly $20)

Ladies, that time of the month is about to be a lot more comfortable.
Lingerie retail giant Victoria’s Secret has released a new line of high-absorbency, breathable, and stylish period panties so you can say goodbye to ruined underwear and, most importantly, save money!

For anyone unfamiliar, period panties aren’t an entirely new concept, but they’ve become increasingly popular in the last decade. They’re made from special, leak-proof materials that wick away moisture and keep you comfortable without having to use disposable pads or tampons. According to the Victoria’s Secret website, those materials include a Nylon Spandex layer and a three-layered cotton and Spandex blend.

Even better, for a limited time, you can score the PINK Period Panties for only $12.95 (regularly up to $19.50) – both in-stores and online!

Period panties are generally considered environmentally friendly due to the fact that they’re reusable, and considering how expensive one-use period products are, you’ll save a lot of cash in the long run!

Victoria’s Secret recommends using the new PINK Period Panties as a backup on heavier days and a “first line of defense” during the lighter days. And while they don’t completely eliminate the need for other period products, they definitely cut down on the amount needed.

Pssssst! If you are looking to totally take disposable period products out of the equation, consider getting a game-changing menstrual cup!

PINK Period Panties are available in the Hipster style with several color and pattern options. Plus, they range in sizes from XXS to XXL.

And if you’re looking to stock up on some of these new pieces, they’re running a couple of great deals to save you a little extra!

Free shipping for purchases over $100 + free returns.

Free shipping for purchases over $25 when you pay with Victoria’s Secret Credit Card and use code VCSHIP25 at checkout.

You can see their full list of promos here.

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