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This Reader Created Sensory Boxes for Her Kiddos Using Items She Had Around the House!

I’m sensing another great idea from one of our Hip readers!
Sensory toys are more popular than ever (which means they are also more expensive than ever). My daughter is a huge fan of sensory toys or “fidgets” as she calls them and at first I was very confused as to why she was obsessed with these seemingly mundane toys. Once she started showing me all the different fidgets and what their purpose was, I totally got it. They are relaxing and calming which I think is a benefit that everyone could use.

I was then roped into taking her to a store that had every sensory fidget toy imaginable and spending a small fortune on these for her birthday last year 😱. I explained to her that this was a one-time thing so she started making her own. She put rice in balloons so she could squish them and put marbles in fabric so she could roll them in her hands.

There really is no end to what you can make! She and I are always looking for new fidgets to create so I was very pleased and intrigued when I saw this week’s Happy Friday submission.

Check out how reader Mackenzie used items around the house to create sensory boxes for her kids!

Hi, friends! I recently made this sensory box from rice and food dye. To make, just add 1 cup of rice with 1 tbsp of vinegar and food coloring to a bag and mix. Allow to dry and you’re ready to play!

We used toys that we already had and added a formula scoop and a protein scoop. My 2 year old loved it!

Thank you, Mackenzie, for this awesome tip on how to create a sensory box using little to no money! Such a cool idea on coloring the rice! These sensory boxes are a great way for kids to stimulate their senses while remaining calm and having fun all at the same time. I appreciate your post and I’m sure many other parents reading this will as well.

Also, your kiddos are ADORABLE!😍


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