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Mickey…Monster?! Check Out These 13 Disney Halloween Shirts

Mickey and other Disney favorites are getting a monstrous makeover with these fun Disney Halloween shirts!

The spooky season is coming! 👻
With the Halloween season quickly approaching, it’s never too early to be festive! Disney is always embracing each holiday extra early, and Halloween is no exception to come out with awesome merchandise. From classic Disney characters to Star Wars and Marvel, here are some of the best Disney Halloween shirts!

1. Start the chilling season with WandaVision.

Girl’s Marvel WandaVision Outline Sketch T-Shirt $19.98

WandaVision was a huge hit when it comes to 2021 TV shows. This t-shirt shows a sketch of the Halloween episode where they dress as the comic book versions of themselves! This is a unique, out-of-the-box Halloween choice, perfect for your Marvel-obsessed kiddos during this season.

2. Stay sweet, yet spooky with this Minnie Mouse glow-in-the-dark graphic tee.

Disney’s Mickey & Minnie Mouse Women’s Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Graphic Tee $18

This family-friendly haunting Minnie Mouse Halloween shirt is perfect to debut while going trick-or-treating with your kiddos!

3. Make Halloween a ghoul-actic night with this ghostly Storm Trooper tee.

Boy’s Star Wars Ghoulactic Halloween Stormtrooper T-Shirt $18.98

Now we’ve got another form of Storm Troopers to fear! Any Star Wars lover will use the force to get their hands on this t-shirt ASAP!

4. Remember the best of both worlds this holiday season with this mischievous Nightmare Before Christmas shirt.

Men’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Tee $12.99

The movie that technically works for two seasons, what’s more thrilling than getting in the spirit of Halloween AND Christmas by embracing The Nightmare Before Christmas? 👻🎄

5. Rock this looming Minnie Mouse graphic tee.

Halloween Matching Pop-Culture Graphic for Girls $14.99

This super-soft, lightweight enchanting Disney Halloween shirt pictures Minnie with a fun and frightening twist! It’s great for anyone who wants to express their Halloween festivities subtly.

6. Bring out your Halloween spirit with this freaky Frankenstein Mickey shirt.

Disney Mickey Mouse Matching Halloween Tee for Adults $18.99

This frightening tee displaying Mickey as Frankenstein will have you slaying looks for the Halloween season!

7. This daring Donald Duck Tee will motivate you to face your fears… or run from them!

Disney Donald Duck Web Scare T-Shirt $18.32 (regularly $22.90)

For anyone who is cranky yet lovable, and maybe a touch frightened of all things haunted, this Donald tee is the perfect spooky gift.

8. Mandalorian fans will be heart eyes over the most adorable Baby Yoda Halloween shirt ever!

Girl’s Star Wars: The Mandalorian Halloween Grogu Pumpkin Peek T-Shirt $18.98

The Mandalorian remains hands-down a staple in the Star Wars universe. I don’t think we will EVER get over how cute Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, is! The perfect addition to this not-so-scary Halloween collection, this tee is a must.

9. A moonlit, haunting Halloween classic t-shirt.

Disney Mickey Mouse Mickey’s Haunted Halloween T-Shirt $18.32 (regularly $22.90)

The gang’s all here with this haunting tee featuring Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald Duck as they triumphantly march up to the spookiest house on the hill.

10. Use “the claw” to get in the spooky season.

Men’s Disney / Pixar Toy Story Alien Claw Close Encounter Halloween Tee $21.99

“Ooooo…the clawww…” but make it Halloween! Snag this tee for any Pixar Toy Story fans you have in your life.

11. Mickey makes for a magnificent mummy while glowing in the dark!

Disney Mickey Mouse Unisex Matching Halloween Tee for Toddler $12.99

What more could we ask for this Halloween season other than glow-in-the-dark shirts?! This spooky tee features Mickey as a mummy for toddlers! It’ll be easy to find your kiddos when it gets dark while they run around looking for candy – festive and practical!

12. Mickey’s all dressed up with nowhere to go… except trick-or-treating!

Disney Mickey Mouse Vampire Mickey T-Shirt $19.12 ($23.90)

If you’re into a classic-style Disney tee, this one’s for you! This is a very iconic photo of Mickey… except here he’s dressed like a vampire. 🧛🏼‍♀️

13. And hey, even Storm Troopers like to trick-or-treat too!

Star Wars Trick Or Treat T-Shirt $19.12 (regularly $23.90)

Calling all Star Wars lovers! As if the Storm Troopers aren’t scary enough fighting against the Rebels, this shirt features them ready to trick-or-treat 😆. This is a hilarious Halloween addition to your closet!

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