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Have You Heard of Skoy Scrub Dishcloths? This Reader Swears By Them!

Scrub a dub dub!🧼
Can I just say how grateful I am (or rather how grateful my hands are) for this week’s Happy Friday post? I’ll start by sharing that I have always gone to the dollar store to grab those coarse green scrub pads to do my kitchen stove and dish cleaning. I started getting them in my early twenties for affordability and just never stopped. These are not terrible, especially for the price, however, I do find myself having to scrub so hard to get things clean, especially my stovetop.

This week’s Happy Friday reader, Angela, is here to save the day (and my hands) with her Skoy Scrub find! Check out her story…

Recently, I FINALLY launched myself into adulthood (I’m almost 38) by purchasing a stainless-steel pots and pans set. Through my research on how to cook with them and clean them, I found a new product that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! I am a diehard Scrub Daddy fan but during Covid and a full-time in-person job, I couldn’t stand to make the trek to BBB for the best Scrub Daddy prices.

This Skoy Scrub will change your life!

It has over 11,000 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.7 stars – and I agree with the reviews! They are non-scratch abrasive cloths that are washable, made in Poland, and are available on Amazon for less than $7 for a 2-pack when you Subscribe and Save!

I’ve had mine since November 2020 and I wash the one I’m using about every other week (so each one gets washed every 2-4 weeks) and they are still going strong. I have another pack coming w/ my next Subscribe and Save because I recently tried using one to clean my new vinyl floor and that really wore it out (not what they are meant for but it was my best option at the time).

The Skoy Scrubs save me TONS of money yearly with not having to go through green scrubbies or Scrub Daddy’s or other random scrubs I was using. I haven’t found a job it can’t tackle in the kitchen for my caked-on stainless steel messes yet. Sometimes I still soak pans first and then the Skoy Scrub takes no effort at all. Even if it isn’t soaked, you’ll be amazed at how little arm work it takes to use this thing.

I use it to clean my glass stovetop and my stainless steel sink as well. It is about the size of my hand (see the picture) . It dries fast and NEVER smells. Between my Skoy and my Swedish dishcloths, I finally feel like I found my favorite environmentally friendly, cost-saving, and non-smelly kitchen cleaners!

Thank you, Angela, for sharing your awesome new find with us! I love all the different colors and patterns available with the Skoy Scrubs! Some dishcloths get so gross-looking and smelly that you end up having to put them in the wash daily but I definitely wouldn’t mind hanging this over my sink for days at a time.

And I love that I can grab these right from Amazon without having to go to the store – always a bonus!🙌


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