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What Are Amazon 4-Star Stores? It’s the New Way to Shop Amazon… In Person!

Have you spotted an Amazon 4-star store yet?

What if you could do your Amazon shopping in person?
We’ve been through some rough times ever since the start of the pandemic, and Amazon has been there to swiftly deliver all our needs and essentials throughout these times. As we’ve started to adjust to our new normal, is it possible you actually miss shopping in person? (I know I do!)

It’s always been so easy and convenient to shop online, but when the option of shopping in person was taken away, it sure made me miss it. Now, imagine going to a store that sells everything Amazon has with over a 4 star rating; that’s what Amazon 4-star stores are!

Simply put, Amazon 4-star stores (say that five times!) sell highly-rated and trending items from their website, specifically those with reviews of 4+ stars. You’ve probably seen Amazon Book stores popping up everywhere, and the goal is for these 4-star stores to have a similar in-store shopping experience featuring the best and most highly-rated products.

The average rating of all products in Amazon 4-star stores is 4.4 stars, but in total, the products sold in stores have earned more than 1.8 million 5-star customer reviews. Wow!

How many Amazon 4-star stores are there?
Right now, there are currently 31 stores across the country spread across 17 states, with four more stores coming soon. You can check here to see if there are any stores near you. Some of these stores are also trade-in locations, meaning you can trade-in your Amazon devices and receive up to 25% off the purchase of a new Amazon Device (restrictions apply).

These stores are worth the visit because instead of ordering an item online and having to return it if it isn’t to your liking, prospective buyers can actually test out Amazon devices and other home accessories, including ones compatible with Amazon’s Alexa.

What do Amazon 4-star stores sell?

There are countless categorized items in the stores, including electronics, home, kitchen, toys, books, and more. They also have categories such as “Most-Wished-For”, which are items that are most added to wish lists by Amazon users, and “Amazon Exclusives”, which are products that you’ll only find on Amazon. The options of what you find here are pretty endless; the only thing they don’t sell is food.

They even get creative based on location with the categories. For example, in the New York City location, they have a category known as “Trending Around NYC” that shows what New Yorkers are currently purchasing.

What is the shopping experience like?

Prime members will pay the same rates as they do on, and each item has a digital price tag of the Prime and regular prices. They even have printed-out reviews of each item, so you could read what others are saying about the product. How cool!

When you’ve picked out your latest Amazon find, check out is a cinch using the registers at the front of the store. Contactless payment is available, and you can pay using Amazon Pay via the Amazon shopping app, Amazon gift cards, Amazon Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Know that cash is not accepted at this time.

Here’s what our team member Stacy had to say about her visit:

“I loved walking around the Amazon 4-star store! It was packed with everything from electronics to books to toys. I’d seen some of the items while browsing online, but it was cool to see them in person, especially all the Amazon devices.

I also love that I score the same price as online since I am a Prime member, so I can get my hands on it immediately for the current low price. That’s the easiest price matching I’ve ever seen! If you’re near one, I’d totally recommend stopping and shopping!”

We all already know and love shopping on, but now these 4-star stores elevate the Amazon shopping experience with something that we’ve never seen! I can’t wait to visit the location nearest to me, although it may be a little dangerous to my wallet. 😆

Let us know if you’ve ever been to an Amazon 4-star store!

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