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DIY Halloween Donuts Using Vampire Teeth: Takes 5 Minutes!

Create these vampire donuts as a frightful delight for your next Halloween party!

If you love an easy, festive treat idea, check out these ADORABLE Halloween donuts using plastic vampire teeth! They are seriously so darn cute! The best part is they take just a couple of minutes to put together.

Whether you’re throwing a spooky get-together or just want to enjoy with close family and friends, these Halloween donuts are sure to be a hit. They’re simple yet effective and will get everyone into the spooky season while enjoying a yummy treat.

Scary easy to make!

These haunting delights only need four “ingredients”, and no baking is required unless you’re up for the challenge of making your own donuts.

This is a cute food craft that the kids will love to help with and makes a fun activity. This Halloween treat idea is very customizable too, and you could add any other edible decorations. It would be fun to try making other spooky monsters aside from just vampires.

Make sure to use sturdy glazed-style donuts, like you’d find in a grocery store bakery, instead of cake style. Otherwise, the teeth may not stay in or could break through the donuts.

Halloween Donuts w/ Vampire Teeth




Grab some donuts from the bakery or grocery store. Pinch teeth together and place plastic vampire teeth inside the middle of each donut.


Press in candy eyeballs at the top.


Add some frosting on one side of the mouth as “blood”. That’s it!

What a CREATIVE & EASY Halloween party treat!
If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, these vampire donuts would make such a fun addition to the snack table. It would be fun to surprise your kids with these after school or for a special treat this month!

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