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NEW Build-A-Bear Lord of the Rings Plush Toys & Accessories Available Now

Here’s a unique gift idea for Lord of the Rings fans!
Build-A-Bear has released a new collection and it’s sure to rule all the land! Score the new Build-A-Bear Lord of The Rings plush characters and accessories starting at just $6 each.

This plush collection, is inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s famed series and includes popular characters Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and Gollum.

Buy it now and save it for a Christmas gift for the Lord of the Rings fan on your list! Note that these may sell out quickly so if you’re interested, don’t wait!
Don’t miss out on these items…

Build-A-Bear 7″ Gollum
Only $15!

Build-A-Bear Exclusive Lord of the Rings Bear
Only $29!

Build-A-Bear Lord of the Rings Bear Gandalf Gift Set
Only $57!

This set includes the exclusive Frodo Baggins bear and the exclusive Gandalf costume.

Build-A-Bear Lord of the Rings Bear Frodo Gift Set with Sting
Only $63!

This set includes the exclusive Frodo Baggins bear, Frodo’s costume, and the Sting Plush Sword Wristie accessory.

Build-A-Bear Gandalf Costume
Only $28!

Build-A-Bear Frodo Baggins Costume
Only $28!

Sting Plush Sword Wristie
Only $6!

Prefer to browse around?

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