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Halloween Cookie Kits Just $8.98 at Walmart (In Store Only)

If you’re looking for a fun (and delicious) project to do this fall, head to Walmart where we spotted lots of different Halloween cookie decorating kits available in stock right now!

These Create-A-Treat Cookie Decorating Kits come in several different varieties and include everything you’ll need for a fun-filled day of cookie decorating with the family.

These kits are a perfect activity to do with kids since the baking is already done for you! Each cookie decorating kit comes with 16 large vanilla cookies and everything you need to decorate them, including colorful icing tubes and assorted toppings like sprinkles, beads, and edible confetti.

Our local Walmart had several different cookie decorating kits, including pumpkins, Day of the Dead, and general Halloween shapes.

These aren’t available online, so add one to your next grocery pick-up order or look for them during your next trip inside the store.

If you’d prefer more of a three-dimensional project, check out this cookie kit that has everything you need to build and decorate an entire haunted village! Like the cookie decorating kits, it’s priced at $8.98 and available in-store only at Walmart.

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