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Introducing the New Diono Radian – The Tesla Of Car Seats!

Find out why the Diono car seat is the only one your baby will ever need!

Diono car seats are the best! 🙌🏻
Shopping for a new car seat for your little one? If you’re familiar with Diono, you likely already know they’re basically the Teslas of car seats for babies & kids. So if you’re in the market, you’re going to want to read more to find out how this is the only car seat your little one will ever need!

Diono Radian 3QX $399.99
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Becoming a parent can be scary and driving on the road with a new baby in the back has always intimidated me! Plus, just the thought of getting into an accident with my kiddos in tow is undoubtedly terrifying so I take car seat shopping very seriously.

In fact, safety is always my #1 priority when picking out any baby product and I know if you’re a parent, it’s likely yours too, so I just have to share with you my love for Diono! 😍

I recently received the Diono Radian 3QX from their brand since I just gave birth to my 3rd bundle of joy…and just WOW! 🤩 This car seat is incredibly sturdy, strong, and built to last for a very, very long time! 🙌🏻

In fact, it’s suitable from just 4 pounds all the way up to 120 pounds! 😱 Amazing!

This is the third car seat (and again, my third baby) that I’ve had, and I’ve tried a handful of reputable brands in the past. I’ve also spent a good bit of money on each of them so since I’ve never necessarily “cheaped out” when it came to car seats, I wasn’t expecting much difference when Diono asked to send me their new seat to try.

The second I opened it though, I was completely blown away by the quality! And it’s the same price (actually less with the promo code we were able to secure) than the ones I’ve purchased in the past! 😱

It features a steel-reinforced frame and it also has so many extra safety features that a lot of car seats out there do not have, such as the steel rear-facing rebound bar and the SUPERlatch attachment! 👏🏻

Here are the impressive features that set the Diono car seat apart from its competitors:

Diono Safe+ engineering. A unique combination of car seat engineering and rigorous testing to provide the best possible protection for your child.

Longer rear-facing abilities. Engineered to keep your child rear-facing for longer up to 50 lb.

Extra narrow design. Built with Diono’s famous Radian slim-fit design, you can fit 3 car seats in a row in most vehicles without compromising child or passenger comfort.

Grows with your child for 10 years. Designed to adapt as your child grows to offer a custom fit from birth to booster (up to 120 lb.)

One hand easy-adjust 12-position headrest. Contoured to improve child head containment and provides a 22% increase in occupancy range from the Radian R series.

Up to 36-month warranty. Comes with a 12-month standard warranty & can be extended to 36 months when you register with Diono post-purchase.

Speaking of their Diono Safe+ engineering, you can travel around with peace of mind since it boasts all of these impressive standards:

Side impact tested

6 layers of side impact protection

 Steel core frame
Safe+ Steel anti-rebound bar
Roll-over tested

Diono car seats are also super luxurious too! 🙌🏻
I wish you all could feel a picture because Diono makes the most luxurious feeling car seats I’ve ever come across! Their standard comfort+ memory foam is a nice, thick layer of cushion that covers the seat from top to sides to bottom seamlessly. Every other car seat material is unparalleled to the comfort of this thing – I wish I could sit in it!

The material is also just as soft as it is comfortable, making it a plush and comfortable ride for my new baby. 🥰

Side note… I’m totally in love with the fun color combination I chose and they had a great selection to choose from too!

When I happened to mention my new Diono car seat to my Hip sidekick Sara, here’s what she had to say about them…

“I absolutely LOVE Diono car seats! Once I bought a Diono years ago for my oldest son, I never wanted my other kiddos to ride in anything else so it was no question when my youngest was born, she would have one too. Above is a picture of my daughter at age 5 still loving her seat and it still looks brand new despite the fact it’s five years old! 

I can’t even emphasize enough that the quality of these car seats is so good – better than anything on the market. The frame is heavy and durable and even my older kiddos said it looks and feels like a super nice race car seat! 🙌🏻 Just the fact my two boys noticed the quality really tells you something!

The memory foam is by far the thickest and most comfortable I’ve ever seen on a car seat and I feel so good about having my sweet girl riding in it. Hands down, I think this is the only car seat parents need to be considering.”

They also hold great resale value too. 👏🏻

As long as your car seat isn’t expired and you’ve taken good care of it, reselling Diono is a breeze since it’s such a reputable company and highly sought after. This also makes the initial purchase a little less terrifying as a new parent.

My Hip sidekick, Sara, recently sold her daughter’s Diono car seat after 5.5 years of use and banked $95! AMAZING! 👏🏻 Considering she scored a great deal on it to begin with, she practically got half her money back!

*Check the manufacture sticker on your car seat to find out when the expiration date is.  

All-in-all, it’s safe to say, I’m SO glad I gave Diono a try! I can’t even imagine considering anything else for my family now that we’ve joined the Diono family.

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