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NEW Must-Try Liquid IV Hydration Flavors + Exclusive 25% Off Code & FREE Shipping!

New Liquid IV flavors are the tastiest way to stay hydrated & healthy! 
For a limited time only, hurry on over to Liquid IV where they have dropped a TON of new refreshing flavors to fuel your adventures AND we’ve got an exclusive discount for ya!

Just head to the Liquid IV website via our exclusive link to score 25% off or use code HIP_2_SAVELIV to score the savings – so easy, so yummy!

If you’re a long-time Liquid IV fan, like most of us team members and readers are, new flavors like Strawberry Lemonade and Seaberry are just what you need to change up your Liquid IV routine. OR if you’ve yet to jump on the Liquid IV bandwagon, let Yuzu Pineapple and Passionfruit flavors change your mind!

Note that all of our links go to the Liquid IV homepage. Then simply click on the flavors listed in the deal ideas below or your own favorites and the discount should automatically apply. 

These drink mixes are made with premium ingredients to help you hydrate, energize, and sleep better. Plus, each drink is non-GMO, vegan, and contains no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

If you have trouble drinking the recommended amount of water per day, then keep some Liquid IV handy! One Liquid IV packet mixed into a bottle of water = 2-3 bottles of water! They’re perfect during workouts, while you’re traveling, or when you’re feeling dehydrated from being sick. And many team members say they’re super helpful while breastfeeding too!

Grab some new Liquid IV favorites & stay hydrated…

Liquid IV Seaberry Hydration Multiplier 16-Pack $24.99
Less automatic 25% off
OR use code HIP_2_SAVELIV
Final cost $18.74 shipped!

Made with Stevia leaf extract, mined salt, vitamin C, and contains notes of orange, pineapple, and passionfruit. This one was an instant favorite for me! 😉 

Liquid IV Energy Multiplier Yuzu Pineapple 14-Pack $24.99
Less automatic 25% off
OR use code HIP_2_SAVELIV
Final cost $18.74 shipped!

Get your hydration and your energy back with these packets that are made with a proprietary blend of Coffeeberry® Energy Extract, CognatIQ™ Coffee Fruit Extract, and L-Theanine for physical energy and a cognitive boost.

Liquid IVHydration Multiplier + Probiotic Kombucha 16-Pack $24.99
Less automatic 25% off
OR use code HIP_2_SAVELIV
Final cost $18.74 shipped!

Let this signature blend of 1 Billion CFU* of Probiotic BC30™ and Double Fermented Tea Vinegar Powder both hydrate and provide digestive on-the-go support.

Liquid IV Energy The Triple Squeeze 48-Pack $66.99
Less automatic 25% off
OR use code HIP_2_SAVELIV
Final cost $50.24 shipped!

This best-selling 16-pack trio comes with Concord Grape Hydration Multiplier, Tropical Punch Hydration Multiplier, and Golden Cherry Hydration Multiplier.

Or snag all your favorite flavors when you Build Your Own Bundle:

Choose Liquid IV Multiplier Flavor 1 $24.99
Choose Liquid IV Multiplier Flavor 2 $24.99
Choose Liquid IV Multiplier Flavor 3 $24.99
Choose Liquid IV Multiplier Flavor 4 $24.99
Total = $99.96
Less automatic 25% off
OR use code HIP_2_SAVELIV
Final cost $74.97 total shipped – just $18.74 per pack OR $1.17 per stick!

Check out why our team members and readers are fans of Liquid IV…

To say I am an instant Liquid IV fan would be an understatement! I had a feeling this stuff was good from hearing many people recommend it before, but now I know for sure! The taste is so flavorful without being overly sweet, which made it so easy for me to make a habit of adding it to my water.

Plus, one day I had a headache (knowing full well I didn’t drink enough water) and after having one of the electrolyte packets – I was a true believer as my headache cleared up pretty much faster than any Tylenol could do! The electrolyte packets are my go-to’s, but both the sleep and immune support are awesome to have on hand! Summer’s just around the corner, you’re gonna need those electrolytes, I highly recommend this stuff! – Chelsey, Hip Sidekick

I tried Liquid IV after another Hip team member gave me a bag after my son was born. Staying hydrated can certainly be a struggle for a nursing mom and this helped tremendously. The real surprise is that my energy drink-addicted husband tried it and I’ve been seeing him reach for water instead and putting Liquid IV in it. I love the variety of flavors. So far I’ve tried pina colada, cherry, lemon-lime, tangerine, and fruit punch and they’ve all been delicious. It’s hard to pick a favorite! – Nicole, Hip Sidekick

I get these whenever they’re on sale. I definitely don’t drink enough water so these are great! – Dgal, Hip Reader