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Nexcare Gentle Paper First Aid Tape 2-Pack Only $1.95 on Amazon

Fill your first aid kit with an Amazon deal!
Head over to Amazon or and grab this Nexcare Gentle Paper First Aid Tape 2-Pack for only $1.95 (regularly $2.99)!

It includes two rolls that tears easily for quick application. Use this first aid tape to secure bandages or dressings that need frequent changing. It is gentle on skin and is a great option to toss in your first aid kit.


Here’s what reviewers are saying…

If you have to bandage an area often over a long period of time or replace a dressing multiple times a day then this tape works well. After dressing a wound at least twice a day for several months my skin can break down and then bleed when removing the dressing. This tape is way gentler while still being effective, and its also a great option for those with latex allergies.

Excellent first-aid tape. Can be hand-torn but best to cut with scissors. Adhesion lasts all day but easy to remove and doesn’t irritate skin like regular BandAids. Two rolls are plenty.

For my regular use this Nexcare paper medical tape works better than other brands especially off-brand less expensive types. It sticks well but not overly so (some paper tapes are “too sticky” IMO).

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