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New Gingerbread Kit Kats & Reese’s Holiday Peanut Brittle Cups are Coming

Get ready for two new holiday candies coming your way! 🌲
For the first time, Reese’s is releasing a brand new holiday-inspired flavor: Reeses Peanut Brittle Flavored Cups! While they could have gone with more typical holiday flavors like peppermint or cranberry, they cleverly kept their signature peanut filling while giving it a delicious & festive makeover

And not to be left out, Kit Kat is also offering up a new limited-edition Gingerbread Cookie Flavor! You’ll get all the sweet satisfaction of a gingerbread cookie without even having to mix up any batter. 🙌

Reese’s Peanut Brittle Cups are made with soft, peanut-brittle-flavored creme wrapped around crunchy peanut butter and, of course, all wrapped up in a layer of chocolate. Kit Kat’s Gingerbread Cookie bars have layers of crisp wafers covered in cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and clove-flavored creme–all the spices that make that iconic gingerbread flavor so delicious!

The best part about these new treats is that you don’t even have to wait for the release since they’re already hitting shelves! The Reese’s Peanut Brittle Cups are available in Big Cup, King Size, and Miniature sizes. We spotted the Miniatures online from Rite Aid, however, they are currently sold out. The Gingerbread Cookie Kit Kats are available in 6.9-ounce and 8.4-ounce packages wherever Hershey products are sold.

These new flavors just dropped, so we haven’t spotted them in our stores quite yet, but be on the lookout for the next few weeks as we move into the holiday season.

These limited-edition flavors won’t be around forever, so be sure to scoop up a package if you see them in stores!

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