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World Market’s Golden Gnome Scavenger Hunt Is Back | Win Up to a $100 Reward Coupon!

We’re sharing the latest World Market coupons and offers!

World Market has a golden opportunity for shoppers. 💰
Fans of World Market will be excited to learn that the Golden Gnome Scavenger Hunt event is BACK!

Every day through April 9th, World Market invites shoppers to try to find one of the eight golden gnomes hidden in their local participating store. You’ll have two chances per day to play. The first game is from the store opening until 3 PM. The second game is from 4 PM until store closing.

To discover its whereabouts each day you can look for clues in-store, on the World Market website, and on social media. The lucky few who find a gnome, win a special reward coupon valued at $20, $50, or $100!  🙌

This fun event has been a hit with shoppers and with social media. Check out #goldengnome on TikTok to see past events in action.
Watch Cam play (and win!) the Golden Gnome Scavenger hunt in this Instagram video!


What are some great items to buy with your World Market coupon?
If you win a monetary reward during the Golden Gnome Scavenger Hunt, you’ll most likely have to spend it that day. If you’re not familiar with World Market, this store carries some really cute and unique home goods and gifts! Spring is the perfect time to pick up presents for Easter, Mother’s Day, or upcoming graduation.

Some of our favorite items to buy are accessories like bags, scarves, and pouches. The store also sells really cute jewelry. Their bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are perfect to add to your personal collection or gift to a friend. You can also usually find jewelry boxes or trees for easy storage.

Their eclectic home decor and furniture are also worth checking out. Keep an eye out for interesting pillows, blankets, rugs, cabinets, lamps, chairs, and holiday decorations. They also usually have a great assortment of dishes and glassware. If you’re looking for an unusual table setting or tea set, World Market is a place to shop!

Don’t forget to check out their inventory of gourmet food, beverages, and candy. They offer some yummy selections that you may have never tried before!

If you’re lucky enough to find a Golden Gnome, you’ll be able to stock up on at least a few cute items! Let us know if you win!

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