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I’ve Been Using Lifelock for the Past 3 Years, And Here’s Why It’s Worth the Monthly Fee!

Prioritize your personal security this holiday season with Lifelock – the best identity theft protection service around!

The internet is a wonderful tool for sharing knowledge and bringing people together–that’s what we love doing here at Hip2Save, after all! And while we’re so thankful for this platform where we all get to hang out and share deals & awesome finds, there’s also a lot that could go wrong when browsing other corners of the web.

With the holiday shopping season now upon us, your personal information could be getting more potential exposure than usual. Chances are, you’re doing some extra shopping these days, with at least some of that shopping taking place online.

While it’s generally considered safe to shop on well-respected and secure websites, you may find yourself thinking about buying a hard-to-find gift on an unfamiliar website this year. Or maybe you’re clicking on promotional emails you would normally ignore, opening store credit card accounts, oversharing on social media, or connecting to public WiFi while you’re out and about this holiday season.

Any of these activities could potentially leave your personal information vulnerable to identity theft!

My husband and I have used Lifelock for the last 3 years, and I personally love it as it gives me 100% peace of mind when it comes to identity protection. After hearing several horror stories about people who had their identities stolen and lost so much money and time as a result, I decided it was worth the cost for Lifelock.

I truly mean it when I say this is a service that will bring you invaluable peace of mind throughout the holiday season and beyond. ❤️
And even better, you can score up to 25% off for the first year of membership for each of Lifelock’s protection plans!

Lifelock Identity Theft Protection Standard $11.99/month
Use our discount up to 25% off!
Final cost just $8.99/month for the first year!

*Price returns to $11.99 after first year.

Lifelock Identity Theft Protection Advantage $22.99/month
Use our discount up to 25% off!
Final cost just $17.99/month for the first year!

*Price returns to $22.99 after first year.

Lifelock Identity Theft Protection Ultimate Plus $34.99/month
Use our discount up to 25% off!
Final cost just $24.99/month for the first year!

*Price returns to $34.99 after first year.

If you’re not sure why you need Lifelock, let me break down what happens with identity theft.

Unfortunately, the web is one of the easiest places for scammers to get your info, and they’re using it alongside other methods to steal the identities of millions of innocent people. So unlike some scammers who try to coax people out of their personal belongings (usually money), identity thieves go many steps further by adopting one-of-a-kind information like your social security number.

Here are some ways fraudsters may get that info:

Data Breaches: If businesses store your info in web databases, you could become susceptible to identity theft in company data breaches.

ATM Skimmers: Identity thieves sometimes opt to install info-stealing devices on bank ATMs, gas station card readers, etc.

Malware and Viruses: Thieves can get access to your personal info by tricking you into installing malware onto your computer.

Mail Theft: Thieves will use information from your bills, credit card statements, etc. to steal your identity.

They can also pick through garbage to find old bills or credit cards and even change your address (with your bank, for example) in order to divert mail to a fraudulent location–really, there’s no limit to how far some people will go to steal your information. 😬

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can fall for a scam.

We all need to kick that idea of “it could never happen to me” out the window! My Hip sidekick, Brandi, worked in a bank and saw an unfortunate amount of identity scams. Here’s a bit about her experience:

“There’s this idea that it’s only older people who fall for identity theft scams. But as someone with a background in the banking biz, I can assure you that that is absolutely not the case. I can’t even tell you how many young people I’ve seen fall victim to phishing sites, computer viruses, mail theft, and more. Some had their credit totally destroyed by a scammer, and many times, there’s only so much a financial institution can/will do to help. I wish everyone were more cautious and had some kind of safeguard in place to protect themselves.” – Brandi

The truth is that anyone of any age and any background is vulnerable to identity theft.
And with advancements in tech, we can only expect fraud to become more and more common. In fact, according to a report by AARP, identity theft cases more than doubled from 2019 to 2020 with nearly 1.4 million reported instances in the United States alone. 🤯

I promise I’m not saying any of this to scare anyone! As of now, it’s still far more common to not experience any fraud issues. But the crimes are getting increasingly more abundant, and the number of clever ways scammers can get ahold of your invaluable info is growing. 😩

Identity theft is truly one of those crimes that we think “will never happen to us” until it does, and we’re left totally unprepared.

Not protecting my identity is simply not a risk I’m willing to take.

I personally do not have the desire nor the time to constantly be checking all my accounts and the credit bureau reports and the internet for signs of identity theft, so the cost of Lifelock is absolutely worth it to me.

My favorite thing about Lifelock identity theft protection is the fact that they reach out right away when they detect something unusual and alert you by text, email, or phone call. If we make an unusually large purchase on a credit card, write a big check, or apply for a loan, Lifelock always alerts us right away to make sure it was an intentional transaction.

And if for some reason you become a victim of identity theft, they will work with you to fix it. I also love that they monitor United States Postal Service address changes, alert you about data breaches, and offer stolen wallet protection.

The only cons of Lifelock are the cost (it is spendy, especially if you get the top tier plan), and you and your spouse/partner do have to each buy an individual plan. Lifelock doesn’t offer any sort of family plan, although I sure wish they did!

But, I do love that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee so you have plenty of time to try them out and decide if the plan cost is worth it — hint hint: it is!

Getting Lifelock identity theft protection for your children & teens is also worth considering.

While we try to stay on top of our teens’ internet usage and social media presence, it’s not always easy. We can’t have eyes on them 24/7 to be certain they’re always making wise choices. As Lifelock pointed out, children usually have little to no credit history and a tendency to overshare their information online. This often makes them the prime targets of identity thieves.

If you can fit it in the budget, it’s totally worth the cost to know that your whole family is protected. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Lifelock has three of the best identity theft protection plans offering various levels of security.

You can choose a service which provides up to $25,000, $100,000, or $1,000,000 in stolen fund reimbursements. And like I mentioned, Lifelock isn’t the cheapest service, but even their most expensive option probably costs less per month than your car insurance–even without our exclusive discount!

And really, the peace of mind you get from knowing you’re protected is priceless.

If you or your loved ones have ever been a victim of identity theft, you know how traumatizing and life-altering it is. Recuperating from fraud can take years depending on the amount of damage done. And even then, it’s still not a guarantee that your losses will be fully recovered. 😩
So there’s no better time to start protecting yourself than the present, so head over to Lifelock and get peace of mind sooner rather than later!