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Here’s What Our Team Has Been Buying, Doing, & Reading in September!

Here’s what our Hip2Save team members have been up to when we’re off the clock…

We’re back with more exciting behind-the-scenes at Hip! 🤩
We’re continuing our super fun off-the-clock Hip series and giving you all a sneak peek into our lives behind the scenes every month!

If you’ve been following along with our monthly team series for the past year, we’re excited to change things up a bit to bring you even more value! 👏🏻

Each month, we’ll be sharing Hip deals our team has personally scored, something we’re doing, or something we’re currently reading!

Whether it’s something we’re doing, buying, or reading, we’re excited to bring you along for the journey with us! Thanks for being here, Hipsters! ❤️

Here’s what our team has been up to in September:

Chelsey did a frugal costume photoshoot with her three kids to get festive for Fall. 

Chelsey shared a simple and easy photoshoot idea for you to do all on your own if you have some kiddos or grandkids!

By using an old, white sheet that needed to be retired and cutting it 3 ways, and using sunglasses they already had on hand this is a seriously frugal costume idea! As a bonus, your kids don’t even need to smile since their faces will be covered. 😆 Sounds like a picture-perfect moment to me! 👏🏻

Hip Tip: Already have some festive photos? Print them for FREE with a Walgreens photo freebie!

Emily used Nuuly to rent her outfits for multiple weddings she was attending this month.

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Emily and her guy had multiple weddings to attend this summer and three of them were in September alone! Needless to say, it was an expensive last few months for them so to save on some costs she rented all of her outfits!

“I can’t recommend Nuuly enough! I get 6 designer pieces for $90 to wear for the month, so it’s like $15 a piece! I especially love it for weddings as I usually only wear a wedding guest dress only once.

I used to love Rent the Runway but the price increased and I found it hard to find styles I actually liked so I switched to Nuuly this summer. After 3 straight months of renting for events, I might just keep it (even without upcoming events) because I LOVED it so much more!” – Emily

Jenna also saved on a recent outfit online for her special date night:

While she didn’t use Nuuly, Jenna found this dress for just $11 at ThredUp! Having personally tried this online consignment service, it’s definitely another top contender to save for your next event or just because you need a wardrobe refresh.

Angela rescued another pup and added sweet Dolly to her family. 

We know everyone here loves a new pup announcement. While pet parenting isn’t necessarily cheap, the cost to rescue is typically less than buying through a breeder. In either case, adding a furry friend to the family sure is likely to give you all the heart eyes! 😍

Dolly is an 8-month-old rescue, part lab, part low rider, and who knows what else according to Angela. Gary and she are already BFFs and have been having parkour matches all day (The Office fans will get that reference). And yes, she’s named after Dolly Parton, one of Angela’s favorite humans on the planet!

Welcome to the Hip family, Dolly!

Here’s some super hot deals our team has scored this month:

Soleil became a Crocs gal in California during her first trip to Disneyland.

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Soleil enjoyed some time with friends out in California and one of her most notable souvenirs was a $60 pair of Crocs. 😳 Considering she only just now joined this fashion trend, it was quite a splurge for her. However, she loved them so much, that she scooped up a couple more pairs on Hip2Save before heading home.

When in Disneyland, I guess. 😏

Speaking of shoes…

Our Hip sidekick Jessica scored 4 pairs of shoes for $23.57 and Chelsey scored 7 pairs of shoes for $33 shipped from our Academy Sports Shoe sale this month! 🤩 Check out Chelsey’s haul above! 😱

Lina scooped up a couple of monogrammed cutting boards from the Bed Bath and Beyond sale we shared. 

Artisanal Kitchen Supply® Terrazzo Monogram Letter “M” Cheese Board – $5.98 (regularly $9.99)

Lina always finds the cutest deals on our site and these cute cutting board from the Bed Bath and Beyond sale will make for great gifts! Better yet, you can still shop ALL Bed Bath & Beyond deals we shared and they’re up to 80% OFF!

Lina’s husband saved hundreds of dollars by getting his new hearing aid from Costco.

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Chances are you don’t need any more reasons to love Costco, but Lina recently shared a savings hack with us. If you’re someone who’s in the market for a hearing aid (or know someone who is) you’re going to want to hear this…literally.

“My husband randomly lost his hearing in one ear this year which is a bummer since we’re only 42 and hearing aids were not on the radar at all. After many doctor visits later, steroid shots in his ear, and an MRI it was concluded he just had an infection in his ear and didn’t know it. For one hearing aid from his doctor, we got a quote for $3,000. 😳

Many people shared how affordable hearing aids at Costco are and suggested he check there. He has had a great experience at our local Costco getting fitted and all set up and it was just $900 for a similar hearing aid. It’s small, not too noticeable, and saved us well over $2,000!” – Lina

Hip Tip: Don’t have a Costco membership yet? We shared how you can score a $10 or $20 Costco Shop Card with your new membership.

Here’s a few books our team finished reading this month:

Collin and her sister read November 9 and loved it. 

November 9 – $9.99 (list price $16.99)

It may only be September, but this November 9 book is a must-read if you love a great love story with a plot twist. In fact, it’s so good, Collin immediately gave it to her sister to read and it’s currently ranking #16 on Amazon Charts as one of the top-selling books this week.

Collin also read It Ends With Us in just two days while on vacation.

It Ends With Us – $10.99 (list price $16.99)

This book is one you won’t want to put down and it’s written by the same #1 New York Times best-selling author. Psst…it’s currently ranking #3 on Amazon charts, so you’ll likely want to scoop up both of these Colleen Hoover books.

It Starts With Us is the next book in this two-book series.

Chelsey read The Midnight Library and found a new appreciation for life. 

The Midnight Library – $9.99

Chelsey almost put this best-selling book down after the first chapter, but said she’s so glad she didn’t! Grab this book if you want to feel more grateful for the life you have.
Our Hip sidekick, Bryn, also loved this book! Here’s what she said:

“I LOVED the Midnight Library and I believe Collin is currently reading it as well! It really makes you appreciate the life you currently have and the decisions you have made along the way to get there.”

Disclaimer: There is subject matter related to suicide so we do not recommend this book to anyone who may be sensitive to that topic.

Hip Tip: We shared how you can score a FREE 30-Day Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription and enjoy all your favorite books!

Well, Hip2Savers, on that note, we’ll get back to bringing you all the best deals.
Until next month!… 👋🏼
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