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Does McDonald’s Still Sell Birthday Cakes? Yes, & I’ve Tried One!

McDonald’s still sells birthday sheet cakes for cheap and I’m here to tell you all about them!

There was nothing like a McDonald’s birthday cake when we were kids. 🍰
I have such fond memories of these McDonald’s birthday cakes from when I was younger, and I had no idea you could still get them…for under $10 no less! Having (or being invited to) a birthday party at McDonald’s was always exciting when you were little. Along with the Happy Meal and spending time crawling through the Play Palace with your friends, enjoying a piece of this tasty cake was definitely on the list of things to look forward to.

Oh the nostalgia…

I had totally forgotten about them, though, until I recently asked my local McDonald’s if they still carried them. To my surprise, they did! I thought it would be fun to pick one up to share with my kiddo, as even my husband had good memories of these cakes.

Here’s how I ordered it & how it compared to the cake I so fondly remembered!

First, I just stopped by my local McDonald’s and asked for the birthday cake.

The girl who was taking my order was very confused at first, but when she returned to the speaker, she was shocked to learn that they did, indeed, carry these cakes! I had hoped for vanilla, but they only had chocolate in stock at the moment, so we went with that.

However, not all McDonald’s locations are participating, so it’s probably best to call ahead before you get your hopes up.

Once I got home, my hubs and kiddo gathered around the table as I officially unboxed the cake. It was surprisingly the same as I remembered: plain, white frosting with a Ronald McDonald sugar print on the center. If appearances were anything to go by, we were looking at the real deal!
Then we cut into the cake…

And sadly, to say we were disappointed is an understatement.

The cake was super dry and the frosting did not taste anything like the frosting I remembered. It was sweet, but oddly enough, it also had almost no flavor. I know that taste buds can change over time, but I don’t think this was my memory playing tricks on me or a case of changing tastes. To me, personally, it seems like they’ve changed the recipe over the years and this was no longer a winner for me or the family. 😔
The bright side? McDonald’s birthday cakes are super cheap!
The cake itself only cost me $6, so if you’re interested in trying one for yourself to see if they live up to the hype and memories, you won’t be out a big investment! It’s totally possible that the cake we tried was stale, or maybe they were just having an off day. Despite the disappointment, the cake is cheap enough that you may find it worth ordering for the nostalgia alone.

Note: While I scored the cake for $6, others are saying they paid anywhere from $6-$10, so prices may vary by region.

And did you know that McDonald’s actually has its very own secret menu?

That’s right! While most of us are familiar with the Starbucks secret menu, McDonald’s has one as well!
From fries covered in Big Mac sauce to Neapolitan shakes to some creation known as the Land, Sea, and Air Burger, McDonald’s has a neat set of non-menu meals for adventurous eaters–the only catch is that some of them are region-specific and not all locations participate. As usual, it’s probably best to call ahead, although it never hurts to ask the next time you find yourself in the drive-thru!
Nothing like a little dosage of McDonald’s hacks to put the happy in Happy Meal! 😄

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