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FREE Gourmet Licorice Sample (Everyone Gets One!)

Love it or hate it, licorice is here to stay!
And not only that, but everyone in the world – yep, everyone – now has the chance to sample some by Bülow gourmet licorice totally for free by filling out a quick form! While free licorice for literally every person on Earth seems like a scam, we did submit for the sample ourselves and received the confirmation message.

The Danish company, Lakrids by Bülow, is on a mission to spread their love of licorice to the entire world, hence their ambitious sampling efforts.

Sarah Maria Carl, the company’s marketing director, said in their press release that they believe their “Danish gourmet licorice can convert even some of the biggest haters, even if they think otherwise!” Challenge accepted. 🤣 Lakrids by Bülow definitely took the haters into consideration with their hashtag #ShareItWithAHater, which they encourage you to use while sharing your giveaway experiences on social media.

It’s worth mentioning that when you scroll past the video to sign up for the free sample, you’ll get this message:

“Thank you for signing up and joining us on our mission. Sending out licorice to the whole world takes time. Expected delivery time can be everything from 10 days to 412 years.”

It probably won’t take hundreds of years to get a taste, but it may be longer than expected, so don’t sweat it if your sample takes a little while to reach you.

Will this change your mind if you’re a true licorice hater? Well, we can’t make any promises. But even if you’re still not the biggest licorice fan, it is worth it to enter the largest sampling campaign we’ve heard of!
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