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25% Off Speks Magnetic Balls & FREE Gift w/ Purchase (Unique Gift Idea for Adults)

Find out more about Speks: the mashable, smashable, & buildable magnetic balls every adult is addicted to. 

Got hard-to-gift adults on your list? 
There’s still time to save on stress-relieving Speks magnetic balls– a unique gift idea for any adult! Plus, through December 4th, use our exclusive promo code SAVE25 to score 25% OFF sitewide + you’ll score a FREE gift with any $15+ purchase!

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Here are 10 reasons you absolutely need Speks in your life:

1. They’re high-quality & innovative.

They’re so much more than the cheap, flimsy fidget spinners. Speks are made of neodymium rare earth magnets and they’re also rust & tarnish-resistant so you can be sure they’ll last a lifetime.

2. They’re challenging (…way more than you expect).

I’m someone who loves a challenge and these are surprisingly just that and then some! 🙌🏻 I actually wasn’t expecting Speks to be so difficult to work with right out of the box, but it makes them that much more satisfying to play with.

Plus, once you master different shapes, you can feel pretty accomplished too. 😏

3. The possibilities are endless.

I’m still trying to master the beginner’s creations you can make with these tiny, fun magnets so I know I won’t be growing tired of them any time soon. 😂

That said, there are tons of videos online for inspiration and every package will come with a mini beginners pamphlet of ideas. The fun is never-ending!

4. They’re travel-friendly. 

Each set of Speks comes with its own mini clear case and takes up minimal space so regardless of how you’re getting from point A to B, they’re super travel-friendly.

Whether you’re back to taking the subway for work or headed for a long road trip over the holidays, these can go with you anywhere.

5. They’re downright fun!

Even if you’re not strategically planning the perfect structure every time you get these out, Speks are equally just as much fun to roll around in your hand by themselves! They feel really cool between your fingers and never fall apart given their obviously strong magnetic pull.

6. They’re fun, yet still professional. 

Unlike most other fidget-type toys, Speks actually look great on your desk and since they take up minimal space, you’ll be able to put them just about anywhere. While they’re sleek on their own, the clear case takes this modern adult toy to the next level.

7. Speks come in every color to fit every personality.

From multi-colored rainbow to solid matte lime green to everything in between, there’s a color to perfectly match your personality. Speks Magnetic Balls come in 19 different multi-colored combinations and 21 different solid colors.

*I have the multicolored option “unwind”.

8. Speks can even be washed to keep them sanitary.

Simply use a little soap and water and run them under the sink if they get dirty or they could use a refresh. Once they’re dry, mold them back in their clear case and they’re ready to go for next time.

9. They make great gifts too.

Know someone who needs this in their life? It’ll be perfect for their desk, on the go, or at home since these make a great unexpected gift for any adult! Plus, they’re affordable enough to gift around if you’re shopping for your whole office or your kiddo’s favorite teachers at school.

10. They’re fashionable too!

Okay, so I’m sorta kidding on this one, 🤣 but when my Hip sidekick said he was thinking about taking these on his next date, I couldn’t help but think how funny it’d be to wear them as jewelry and take them off during a date and start playing with them.😂

Fashionable & functional. ✅

Turns out, they really do make a great necklace and the magnetics are strong enough they actually stay on. 😏  Who’s ready for date night now?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Score 25% OFF your Speks order!
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Here’s what others have said about their Speks:

“Speks are a great way to focus your attention or fidget while working. The texture is like a metallic, magnetic putty when you squish them and is so cool! Initially, a set seems small, but once you start playing with them, there is plenty to have fun. They even hold your attention for longer than you expect! They require some focus and patience for more intricate patterns, but are definitely a good distraction from stress or anxiety!” – Tiffanie

“I’m obsessed with these magnets! I was disappointed at first due to the super small size but they’ve worked out to be so much fun and everyone that I supervise comes in and enjoys playing with them too. They are also super helpful for long meetings and training. They retain their color and don’t leave your hands smelling like metallic.” – Dorothy

Disclaimer: Speks Magnetic Balls are for adults only and should never be used by children of any age. Do not put near or in nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets can pinch and stick together across intestines causing serious injury or death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or ingested.