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This Reader’s Elf on the Shelf Visited a Little Early This Year

Get those Christmas lists in early this year!
As you may have heard, there’s recently been a shortage of popular wish list items for the upcoming season. Due to this, many have been suggesting that it’s time to start shopping for Christmas earlier than ever. This week’s Happy Friday reader, Kellie, heard this as well and came up with a fun way to get started on her kids’ Christmas lists.

Kellie enlisted the help of her Elf on the Shelf friend, Merry, to pay her kids a special surprise visit and let them know why she’s visiting so early!

With all the news of potential shopping delays and stock shortages, our Elf on the Shelf stopped by last Monday to collect the letters early.

Merry the elf got out some Halloween decorations that we hadn’t pulled out yet, and she wrote a great poem to explain the rush that I thought might be helpful for others!

“Santa is in a bit of a bind,
He has found himself way behind.

More kids have been nice than ever,
So Santa sent me early for your letter.

Because it’s so early I’m only here for a day,
Please enjoy my decorations and I’ll be on my way!

See you after Thanksgiving, Merry”

What a wonderful and warm idea! You can purchase an Elf on the Shelf at various locations, including Target, Kohls, Walmart, and more, ranging from $7 and up. They’re an amazing way to embrace the Christmas spirit!

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Thank you for sharing this festive idea, Kellie! It’s something all of us can take inspiration from for our own families. 🎁

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