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Here’s How I Save $50 Every Month On My Cell Phone Bill

Wondering how can I save money on my cell phone bill? Here’s where to start!

Who likes lower cell phone bills?! 🙋‍♀️
Depending on your carrier, your cell phone bill could be costing you a pretty penny. And while everyone’s baseline cost is different, there are some super easy ways that you can shave some dollars off of even the priciest phone plans. 🙌

Here’s how you can save money on your cell phone bill:

1. Check if you’re being charged for insurance.

While phone protection plans are sometimes a good idea, they also typically tack on $10-$15 per month onto your phone bill. If you aren’t accident-prone, consider just protecting your phone with a case and screen protector, which you can usually find for under $30.

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2. Determine whether or not you’re using all the data you pay for.

While I currently need unlimited data because I definitely use it, in the past, I’ve reduced my bill anywhere from $10-$20 per month by simply opting for plans with fewer GB of data. If you use WiFi 90% of the time, chances are you can get away with plans that offer 2-5 GB per month!

3. Look into group payment plans or discounts for adding a line.

Adding a new line will make your overall monthly payment increase, but you’ll actually score savings in the long run. This is especially useful if you have a family & want to avoid paying for everyone’s individual plan.

4. Try out a month-to-month service plan instead of a contract.

A lot of phone companies rope people into contracts (normally 2 years) by setting them up with a monthly phone payment plan alongside their data/talk/text plans. Avoid this by paying for the phone upfront and getting a month-to-month plan with no contract and no added interest fees. 🙌

5. Check out a lower-budget carrier.

Not to call anyone out, but I used to use Verizon and paid about $80 per month–and I didn’t even have unlimited data. Yikes.

I’ve since made the switch to Visible (which also uses the Verizon network), and now pay $25 per month for unlimited talk, text, data, and hotspot usage. The only downside is that some of these budget carriers don’t have the best coverage, so definitely shop around and see which one will work for you.

6. Going paperless is the easiest way to save on your cell phone bill!

Most carriers offer $5-$10 per month off of your bill if you agree to receive paperless statements.

It’s an effort-free way to lower your plan’s cost, and if you’re the type who likes to keep physical copies of your bills, you can always print them at home.

7. Set up automatic payments for another easy way to save.

Just like paperless statements, authorizing automatic payments is a super easy way to save on your cell phone bill by $5-$10 per month!

8. See if your carrier (or your job!) has cell phone payment discounts for students, veterans, government employees, etc.

Some carriers have discounts for certain groups of people, such as teachers, students, military, or senior citizens, so it’s worth a shot to try and negotiate something with them! And if your carrier isn’t offering up any deals, you can check and see if your employer offers any discounts on cell coverage for employees.

9. Try bundling your phone and internet packages together.

Some carriers, like Verizon, offer some pretty sweet discounts when you bundle your phone plan and home internet together. You can usually save at least $10 per month by bundling, but some carriers will even offer as much as $20 in savings. 🙌

10. Pay your cell phone bill via your credit card for cash back bonuses and other perks.

This is one of my favorite ways to save money on my phone bill–or actually, any expense at all!

I have all my bills set up to automatically be deducted from my credit card which I just pay off each month. This way, I can score some easy cash back points to apply to the next billing cycle.

Note: Each credit card carrier has different policies, so check yours to make sure this will work for you!

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