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This Oprah’s Favorite Things Jewelry Set was a Bust! Here’s What to Buy Instead…

Jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune — and here’s why we don’t recommend the set from Oprah’s Favorite Things list.

Here’s your reminder to think twice before you buy this holiday season. ❤️ 
Oprah’s Favorite Things list has many highly sought-after gift ideas and last year this jewelry set caught our eye. However, we’re sharing a reminder of why we don’t approve of these overpriced bracelets and sharing 5 pieces of jewelry to buy instead.

I respect Oprah, but I have to question her holiday recommendations. After my experience last year, it only solidified that you can’t trust a product just because a name’s been slapped on it.

Last year, I purchased this set of Maya J bracelets which was on Oprah’s 2021 Favorite Things list and they were even featured on Good Morning America for 50% OFF – making my total purchase just under $50 after tax & shipping (regularly $80).

What stunned me this year is that they’ve become inflated to a whopping $120. 🤯

These bracelets are so poorly made and weren’t even worth the $50 then and they certainly aren’t worth $120 now. 😳
The two smaller bracelets in this set felt and looked so cheap I honestly would have thought they came out of an arcade vending machine. 😔 Plus, opening them to put them on left them warped and wonky looking. Even worse, the larger chain link bracelet broke right in half when trying to put it on my wrist for the first time. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Although the bracelet set I bought last year isn’t on this year’s Oprah’s Favorite Things list, I was disheartened to see another eerily similar product by the same company on the list.

What’s comical is that they’re elastic hair ties that look like they’re made out of the broken pieces of bracelets I bought last year. 🤣 I can’t make this stuff up, friends! 😆

Sadly, these aren’t the only undeserving jewelry pieces I saw on this year’s list either. Oprah is also endorsing a $200 Five Days of Hoops Advent Box and a pair of $88 Women’s Giselle Earrings. Both look extremely cheap, overpriced, and have less than mediocre Amazon ratings. 😒

All of that said, this experience has been a great reminder that you don’t always get what you pay for! Instances like this are also why we test so many products here at Hip2Save before they ever hit our site. And trust me when I say not every product makes the cut.

Here are a few Hip-approved jewelry pieces you should consider gifting this year instead… 

1. Chelsey has loved this trendy Mama necklace so much that she recently ordered another one to gift.

Mama Necklace – $19.99 (regularly $39.95) 

Plus, score an additional $2 OFF with Amazon’s clippable coupon!

This dainty necklace comes in gold, silver, or rose gold and will be the perfect laying piece for any trendy mama! It’s hypoallergenic and plated with 14k gold so you’ll feel good about gifting it to even the ladies with the highest standards.

“I ordered this necklace as a ‘dupe’ because I saw a similar one from a much more expensive jewelry shop. However, I feel like they were the ones who were duped 😆 because this necklace is AWESOME! The real thing. I can’t boast about it enough!

I can’t remember for the life of me what the shop was (it was over 2 years ago) but at the time I compared them, there was seriously no difference. The letters are spaced perfectly and they don’t dangle or fall in a weird way. While I don’t wear it in the shower or pool, I have worn it overnight while I sleep and it has never tarnished or broken. I am so happy with this sweet necklace and so glad I found this Amazon gem!” – Chelsey, Hip sidekick

2. Numerous Hip sidekicks own this personalized name necklace – including our Hip founder, Collin.

Personalized Name Necklace $32.80+ (regularly $41)
Choose the number of names and color metal for your necklace
Shipping is free
Final cost as low as $32.80 SHIPPED!

Our team has loved these personalized necklaces for quite some time and they truly do make such a wonderful and meaningful gift. You’ll get to choose between numerous fonts, colors, lengths, and you can add up to seven names. Our Hip founder, Collin, and her sister, Bryn, have been wearing their name necklaces consistently for years and literally never take them off – even when showering! Both say they’ve never experienced tarnishing or signs of wear and tear despite how much they wear them.

To find out more about this team favorite name necklace, head to our full review!

3. Lina bought this fun coin pendant necklace to wear as a statement piece to elevate everyday outfits. 

Coin Pendant Necklace – $37.90

Plated with 18k gold and made of pure 925 sterling silver, this genuine Italian 20 Lira Coin pendant is sure to impress! The 20 Lira carries the symbol of strength and dignity and comes in an elegant gift box so it truly is such a great gift idea for someone special.

“I’ve been wearing this necklace often since summer and it’s such nice quality! It looks great, especially with a contrasting black tee and I’ve had so many people stop and ask me about it!” – Lina, Hip sidekick

4. I bought this meaningful and minimalist bar necklace for myself about 3 years ago and haven’t taken it off since. 

Hammered Curved Gold Bar Necklace – $30

You’ve likely seen me wearing this gold bar necklace in nearly every single Hip video and photo. That’s because I literally never take it off! It has beautiful hammered detail and is perfectly minimal. Plus, it can even be customized if you wish!

This particular style means “balance”. For me, I wear it to remind myself not to build a life upon perfection, but balance — something our society has made very difficult for many. Over the past few years, there have been many obstacles we’ve all faced so I truly think this could be a meaningful gift for many.

5. Cate & Chloe have numerous items to elevate any holiday outfit. 

Shop all Cate & Chloe deals on Hip2Save – $16.80+

Cate & Chloe is a brand we often share at Hip2Save and we’re lucky enough to be able to offer exclusive promo codes when available! In fact, many of our Hip sidekicks have received quite a few of their pieces and I’ll be the first to tell you any of their jewelry will be the perfect piece to elevate any of your formal holiday outfits. Their jewelry is also super affordable which makes them the perfect accessories for special events like weddings and bridesmaid’s gifts. 🤩

They offer everything from earrings to necklaces and bracelets that are sure to give you more bang for your buck than Oprah’s Favorite Things. 😏

Prepared to be dazzled by these jewelry deals!