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6 Highly Rated Mastectomy Bras (Including Plus Size)

Check out these highly-rated mastectomy bras!

We’re here to help you find the best support!
Finding suitable mastectomy bras is extremely necessary for many women, and we are here to refer you to some highly rated and supportive choices! We listen to the feedback of our Hip readers and know how important it is to recommend plus sizes as well, so these options accommodate a vast majority of sizes!

We can only imagine how frustrating it can be to not find size-inclusive options, so we are hoping this list will help guide you next time you plan on mastectomy bra online shopping!

Here are 6 highly-rated mastectomy bras:

1. DELIMIRA offers a wide range of support with a wide size range.

DELIMIRA Women’s Mastectomy Pockets Wireless Post-Surgery Plus Size Sleep Bra $23.99

From a B cup to a G cup, Delimira provides the ultimate comfort and support you long for when bra shopping. It’s wire-free and comes in four beautiful colors, each with floral embroidery. At under $25, it’s also a great deal too!

2. Underworks Bras give you the best adjustable comfort.

Underworks Mastectomy Bra with Pocket $34.99

Ranging from small to 3X-Large, Underworks Mastectomy Bra claims to be as comfortable as a bra you’d sleep in while having the functionality of a mastectomy bra. It is made of stretchy cotton poly-spandex material, and the straps are cushioned so your shoulders remain comfortable.

3. Bali bras fit beautifully while remaining both comfy and supportive.

Bali Women’s One Smooth U Post Surgery Bra $44 (online only)

The Bali bra from Target features a comfortable fit thanks to the wireless, soft-lined padded cups, and we can’t help but love that the lace design runs alongside the straps, which are also adjustable! Sizes range from 34B through 42DD.

4. Amoena bras have inclusive size charts.

Amoena Nancy Full Coverage Mastectomy Bra $39

This Amoena bra has sizes ranging from 32B through 50G, making it an accessible choice for women of all sizes! It has hook closures in both the front and back of each bra, so it’s super easy to put on and take off. Each bra also contains breathable CoolMax pockets, but the biggest critique of this one is that we wish it came in more colors!

Don’t care for the front closure style? Check out the Amoena Nancy Wire-Free Full-Coverage Mastectomy Bra instead!

5. VS mastectomy bras are as pretty as they are functional.

Victoria’s Secret Mastectomy Bra $49.50 (online only)

We, and many of you readers, have heard so many wonderful things about this Victoria’s Secret mastectomy bra! It’s as supportive as it is stunning; the only major complaint we’ve heard is that their size range isn’t the best, especially that it doesn’t go by your typical bra size measuring system. Other reviewers commented the prosthesis openings aren’t quite wide enough to fit larger inserts.

But readers and commenters are hopeful the brand will keep making these beautiful bras with tweaks to each new release!

6. Classique bras will fit your needs while making you feel beautiful.

Classique Post-Mastectomy Lace All Over Bra $33 – $36

Tons of reviews are raving about how the Classique bras make them feel beautiful while receiving the support they need! It comes in four lacey colors and sizes ranging from A to DD cups.

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