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Here’s What Hip Readers Have Been Buying in December…

Check out these December reader recommendations from your fellow Hip2Savers!

Ever wonder what your fellow Hip2Save readers are buying these days? 🤔
We sure do! So we asked our Facebook followers to share their favorite recent December purchases and we got so many fun responses! 😍

Whether it’s a deal spotted on Hip2Save, a product recommendation you wanted to share, or a fun splurge you’ve been saving up for, we’ve really enjoyed seeing how you’ve been spending your hard-earned money!

If you missed our last reader recommendations, you can find that post here!

Here are a few highlights from our recent Facebook discussion:

Suzanne’s puppy discovered that she is a big fan of bacon-flavored bubbles.

Bacon-flavored bubbles for our puppy 😂 – so much fun for her. They have them at PetSmart by the register. – Suzanne

The Revlon One-Step Hairdryer is still winning over new users (and we LOVE it too)!

The Revlon hairdryer brush that is always recommended here. Got it on an amazing Black Friday Deal. It has been a game-changer for my hair!!!! – Courtney

Seconding this! I have autoimmune issues and tire easily so I rarely style my hair. But the Revlon dryer brush has made it a breeze! – Lindsay

Readers love the Ninja Foodi XL Pro, and it’s one of our favorite small appliances, too!

Bought a Ninja Foodi XL Indoor Grill/Air Fryer. So far so good! Getting used to it. Each time it’s better – Rhonda

I have one and love it! – Stephanie

You know you’re a grown-up when you can get excited about a new wet/dry vac!

Cordless Crosswave! Adulting so hard 😂 Mary

I was going to pick the Crosswave as well! 😂Steph 

Melissa loves treating her nephew to Zollipops.

Seems so simple but, Zollipops. My 3-year-old nephew is type 1 diabetic and he’s allowed to have these. He absolutely loves them and the excitement on his face when I give them to him is absolutely priceless! –Melissa

Angela is loving Stetson’s highly-recommended eye massager.

This eye massager! I was doubtful, but everyone (me, hubby, and 4 kids) love it and we use it often! – Angela

Readers keep falling in love with Hey Dudes.

Bought my first pair of Hey Dude shoes. Oh my gosh! I can’t imagine not wearing them now. It’s 35º outside and I am still wearing them. Not sure why I waited so long to get a pair. – Sara

This Tek Gear jacket from Kohl’s is a favorite among readers and Hip team members, too!

The Tek Gear Hooded Mixed-Media Jacket at Kohl’s. Seriously one of my favorite things that I recently purchased. Simple, inexpensive, but so comfortable! – Nicolle

I have so many pieces of Tek Gear from Kohls. I love them all!!! And the prices over the last couple of weeks have been unbeatable! ❤️ Vickie

Blackstone griddles and accessories make great gifts!

A Blackstone outdoor 4 burner griddle. – Pauletta

We have one of these and you will want to follow the directions to season it properly. My husband used a YouTube video, but then once seasoned it’s amazing!! – Jennifer

I absolutely LOVE my Blackstone! I’m going to snag a small one for camping!!! That would be perfect rather than lugging the big one around. – Suzanne

Keep an eye out at Walmart. I got one a few months ago on clearance for $100. – Gianna

We love these versatile pullover sweaters from Kohl’s, and they hold up great in the wash, too!

I purchased these sweaters from Kohl’s with coupons and alerts about sale. I also had free shipping. Perfect to wear for this cold front that arrived! Thanks for the information. – Sharon

I have every color. They are the best! 😊Stephanie

Solo Stove firepits come in different sizes for every type of adventure.

A Solo Stove. – Kelsea

I got a mini version from Target for $25. We do s’mores Sunday every Sunday night to get ready for the work/school week. – Jennifer

I thought these were a dumb rich folk trend until I bought one on sale and discovered how much more enjoyable it is than having a fire pit. 🤣 We use it all the time. They do eat more firewood than normal fire pits, but we have lots of downed limbs saved for the firepit, so it’s not bad. – Lindsay

My daughter has had one for almost two years and loves it! I like that you don’t smell like a campfire after sitting around it for hours like normal fire pits! – Liz

Some readers are cutting the cord and loving it!

A FireStick – we finally cut the cord! – Debbie

Best choice ever!! We use SpinTV for our streaming service. You don’t need any other streaming service because it has EVERYTHING!! – Lorrie

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their December reader recommendations with us!
If you missed getting the chance to add your recent purchases to the discussion, feel free to share them in the comments below, or join the conversation over on Facebook!

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