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Jurassic Park Audiobook Only 69¢ (Regularly $45) + More Audiobook Deals (Never Pay a Subscription Fee EVER)

Looking for the best audiobook app? You’ve come to the right place! 

Come & see what has to offer! (It’s a game-changer for me! 🙌🏼)

Love audiobooks, but NOT the subscription fees? Same. 🙋‍♀️ That’s why we can’t get enough of this subscription and membership-free audiobook service,!

They offer tons of popular and best-selling audiobooks starting as low as just 99¢ AND, as if their already-low prices couldn’t get any better, we’ve got an exclusive promo code for New Customers to save even more!

Use code HIP2SAVE30 to score 30% off sitewide!

Plus, we’ve got the scoop on the BEST limited-time-only deals that will be available starting March 1st, so mark your calendars!

Subscription-less audiobooks to keep + our exclusive code = a no-brainer!
Need I say more? It is SO RARE to find a completely no strings attached service like The only caveat is that you’ll find a juicy audiobook that you love and simply can’t stop listening to!

There are literally ✅ NO subscription fees, ✅ NO waitlists, plus, you get to download your audiobook immediately AND they are yours to keep forever!
Get ready to score these HOT audiobook deals…

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton 99¢ (regularly $44.99)
Use promo code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off for new customers)
Final cost 69¢!

Most Eligible Billionaire by Annika Martin 99¢ (regularly $13.99)
Use promo code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off for new customers)
Final cost 69¢!

The Roommate Situation by Katie Bailey 99¢ (regularly $9.99)
Use promo code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off for new customers)
Final cost 69¢!

Hip savings tip alert! 🚨
To get the most bang for your buck, stock up on several audiobooks in your first purchase. The 30% off discount with our promo code HIP2SAVE30 will only work on your first transaction. But trust us, stocking up isn’t hard with the insane deals Chirp Books offers.

In fact, if you scooped up all 8 of the titles listed above with our promo code, the total is only $15.13! 🤯

And if none of those audiobooks strike your fancy, head over to the Featured Deals page where they’ve got an expansive selection of audiobook deals just waiting to be discovered!

Here’s why I love these audiobooks…

I’ve been looking for excuses to constantly listen to my audiobooks – and their app has made it SO EASY to do! Washing the dishes, cleaning, driving in the car- they’re immediately stored in your library and you just click play when ready! This is truly the best audiobook app around.

Plus, I was blown away by the quality of each reader and truly felt that their voices made the experience more enjoyable (my fave, Crying in H Mart read by the author herself made a HUGE difference)!

Even better, with such a large selection of children’s books, my kiddos were able to get in on the fun and even requested to keep listening to their Chirp Books story on our most recent road trip 🙌🏼

I’ve listened to quite a few Chirp Books, but my fave was Crying in H Mart!

I had been eyeing this memoir for quite some time and even had it in my iPhone Notes, so when I found it for a STEAL on Chirp Books I couldn’t wait to start listening! I was initially interested in this modern-day memoir because the author, like myself, is of Asian descent, and any food-loving family-loving person could easily enjoy it as well!

The way Zauner connects her love of food to her love of her late mother is so detailed, it both makes your mouth water AND appreciate the little things in life! SUCH an easy listen, heartfelt, and relatable — I’ve already recommended it to my brother!
Plus, we’ve got a whole roundup of HIP faves just for you (& yes, they’re on Chirp Books too!)

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey – $14.99 (regularly $20)
Use promo code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off for new customers)
Final cost $10.49!

Magic Treehouse Collection Books 1-8 by Mary Pope Osborne – $17.99 (regularly $24)
Use promo code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off for new customers)
Final cost $12.59!

If You Ask Me by Betty White – $10.99 (regularly $12)
Use promo code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off for new customers)
Final cost $7.69!

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines – $18.99 (regularly $20.99)
Use promo code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off for new customers)
Final cost $13.29!

While we think pretty much speaks for itself, here are a few more reasons why this is the best audiobook app:

Their app is FREE! Available for download on both Apple and Android devices, the Chirp Books app is an easy way to access your library and start listening! If you prefer not to download the app however, you can always access your audiobooks on too.

Listen on an unlimited number of devices! You can access your audiobooks on any device once you sign in to your account! (I was able to use it on both my phone and kiddos’ iPad)

The website is so user-friendly (& pretty too). If you’ve ever Googled ‘free audiobooks’, not only do you get the most common paid services like Audible, pop-up, but the actual FREE list is less than impressive 👎🏼 Sorry LibriVox and Loyal Books, but you are NOT catching my interest! If you ask me, these other free audiobook websites seem VERY unappealing and outdated. Upon first glance, you’re really only getting access to textbooks and outdated classics *yawn*. With Chirp Books, you get access to the latest new releases, New York Times bestsellers, and much more!

You can browse every genre, popular picks, or just the HOT DEALS! Let’s be real, we’re all going straight to the deals first, and let me tell you, they won’t disappoint! How can you beat ‘Deals Under $2’?? Better yet, these picks get updated frequently with fun Daily Deals added, well, daily!

Stay in the loop with daily deals emails. This has been so nice to be able to peek at my phone and see the newest Chirp Books deals, so that whether you’re looking for an audiobook at the time or not, you know you can snag it at the lowest price and add it to your library for later.

They have children’s books! I am all about getting my kiddos to appreciate a good book as early as possible, and I was so impressed by their vast collection with many of my childhood favorites available like: Magic Tree House, Frog & Toad, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and so many more that I could share with my kiddos!

My final two cents ✌🏼🪙:

How I even existed before Chirp Books, I do not know! I was always a HUGE bookworm, but hello full-time job + full-time mommy/chef/ housekeeper… you know the drill 😉 So, no matter how many times a book or audiobook sparked my interest, I literally had zero time and zero desire to see that subscription fee pop up each month knowing full well I didn’t have time to download a book. That would have been such a waste for me!

That’s why I absolutely LOVE that Chirp Books is a get-what-you-pay-for service. Since I can keep the book forever, I can take as long as I need to finish it without worrying about any annoying subscription fee! Better yet, their library is AMAZING, a true booklovers dream (I seriously wanted to download allllll the books, and at that 99¢ rate, how can you even resist??)

Plus, they offer the best audiobook app and it’s free. Their listening service is also free, and both were so easy to use! It’s like they really just WANT you to enjoy a good book! I have already been chirping about Chirp Books to all of my friends and family… it really is just that good!

Ready to start listening on the best audiobook app?
Use code HIP2SAVE30 for an extra 30% off these already low prices!

While listening to your fave audiobooks, declutter your entire home!